Shen Wanhongyuan-Computer Industry Weekly: Blockchain is an important increase in financial IT in 2020

Recently, Shanghai Shenyin & Wanguo Securities Research Institute Co., Ltd. released a weekly report on the computer industry. The weekly report shows that blockchain is also an important increase in financial IT in 2020. The reliable application of blockchain starts to increase in 2019 H2. In 2020, we believe that blockchain is close to the inflection point of the industry (2012-2016 is the period of introduction and development, and 2017-2019H1 is the period of integration, which is currently close to the new inflection point), as follows: 1) Our digital currency is accelerating in 2019; 2) According to the official website of the central bank, the Libra white paper, and the Bitcoin white paper, the DCEP characteristics can be inferred; 3) The four characteristics of the circulation characteristics are expected to be infinitely close to cash; 4) Our DCEP and The opening of foreign investment is closely related, and the gradual liberalization of foreign investment access to finance has become a trend.