TOP25 selected from 800 blockchain venture capital funds: led by the United States, only 3 in China rank in the top 10

In the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it is easier than setting up a blockchain startup to set up a blockchain investment fund. According to statistics from research institution Crypto Fund Research, more than 100 cryptocurrency funds were born in 2017 alone, and the company's database has included a total of more than 800 cryptocurrency or blockchain investment funds.

Faced with so many blockchain investment institutions, people are always troubled by one question: how to identify these large number of blockchain investment institutions that have not been established for a long time? Since the development time of the blockchain investment market is not long, the establishment time of blockchain investment institutions is generally short, and simply using the "return on investment" consideration is not a reasonable indicator.

Therefore, X-Order, an innovative research institution, jointly produced with Lianwen, and cooperated with Babbitt to release the “Proof of Value Blockchain Venture Capital Fund Ranking”, which comprehensively evaluates the reputation and reputation of blockchain and cryptocurrency investment funds worldwide. Fame, revealed 25 venture capital institutions actively investing in the cold winter, and 10 venture capital institutions that most like to lead.

Data source: covering major funds

The list first selected from the Crypto Fund Research database more than 800 venture capital institutions involved in the cryptocurrency primary market investment, then screened more than 300 funds with public investment data in the Crunchbase database, and used blockchain news and Block123. The com data complements the investment institutions involved.

Data coverage of the investment activities of each fund is sufficient to support statistical research

The analysis of the investment activities of the investment institutions covered by the list is compiled with the aid of investment data and information disclosed by these investment institutions in the Crunchbase database, and supplemented by crawled social networks and Chinese and foreign media reports. In order to verify the validity of these data, the X-Order team collected the back-end data of a certain fund and compared it with the Crunchbase database and comprehensive information of public channels.

Evaluation of industry experts used in training sets

Based on the above samples and investment data, the ranking team invited senior investors in the cryptocurrency investment field to give ratings to the reputation and recognition of funds and institutions familiar to seniors, and use these ratings as the basis for objective indicators selected by machine learning And empowered training set.

Segmented indicator design reference industry leading

Based on the data, the compilation team designed 55 different subdivision indicators from five different dimensions to describe the behavior of different funds.

Use machine learning algorithms and expert opinions to balance objectivity and interpretability

The training set was used to group the funds through a decision tree model. Combining the grouping results and expert opinions, the four indicators of bear market activity, bull market activity, lead investment, and investment sustainability were determined to sort the funds. The weight of each indicator is confirmed by linear regression with industry experts.

Blockchain venture capital fund ranking list


In terms of the composition of the Top 25 list, this is a list dominated by US investment institutions , but several outstanding Asian institutions deserve attention, including IDG Capital, Hashkey Capital, Fenbushi Capital (distributed capital), NGC Ventures, FBG Capital.

25 venture capital institutions actively investing in the winter

In the winter of cryptocurrencies, which venture capital institutions are still actively deployed? The cryptocurrency market started in a bitcoin crash in September 2018 and entered a bear market. The investment activities of blockchain venture capital institutions have also slowed accordingly.

The winter of cryptocurrencies does not mean that there are no good investment opportunities in the market. It is very likely that the downturn in the market will clear the bubble, lower the valuation of the investment target, and become a team with good investment fundamentals and a good time for the future layout . Which blockchain venture capital institutions are still actively deployed in the winter? Through machine learning, we analyze the blockchain-related investment transactions that have been announced in the market from September 2018 to October 2019. According to the indicator of the number of investment transactions during this period, we have based on more than 300 still active venture capital institutions. Their activity levels are ranked.

The following is a list of the 25 most active investment institutions that are still actively investing and planning for the future in the crypto winter.

WX20191226-193938 @ 2x Note: The “bear market” mentioned in the list is from September 2018 to October 2019.

Most of this list is US investment institutions, but there are some venture capital institutions from Asia that deserve attention. These investment institutions from Asia but active in global markets include Hashkey Capital, Fenbushi Capital (distributed capital), NGC Ventures, LuneX Ventures, Lemniscap and IDG Capital. In addition, the 20th-ranked Dragonfly Capital Partners has investments across China and the United States.

Top 10 Venture Capital Agencies

Generally speaking, a lead investment fund is more likely to affect the industry's overall perception of the institution. Leading investment funds usually have more say in investment transactions and have the opportunity to obtain better transaction prices.

Our research found that these blockchain investment institutions are most inclined to lead investments in their investment activities.

WX20191226-194600 @ 2x

The 10 most active venture capital firms in a bull market

From late 2017 to early 2018, the cryptocurrency market experienced an investment boom, and the market also experienced an investment bubble. We found through machine learning that the best indicator to describe the fund's activities during this time is the amount of investment in blockchain projects. It should be noted that during this time period , the price of bitcoin fluctuated greatly. Compared with the number of investments, the amount of investment was more easily recognized by peers in the industry.

Below is a list of the most active funds in a bull market.

WX20191226-194613 @ 2x Note: The period of “bull market” mentioned in the list is from June 2017 to September 2018.