MetaMask Android app removed from Google Store, V God commented that "review has begun"

On December 27, the MetaMask team announced on Twitter that Google had removed its Android client in the Google Play Store, claiming that it violated Google's financial services policies.

Google claims that this is because of its policy of prohibiting mobile mining applications from appearing in app stores. But in fact, MetaMask, as an Ethereum application browser, does not provide mining services.


After being taken down, MetaMask filed an appeal, but the result was immediately rejected by Google.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Dan Findlay, co-lead developer of MetaMask, said:

"I very much hope that Google censors can honestly admit that this is a mistake, but in combination with YouTube's cryptocurrency ban, this undoubtedly makes me uneasy about how Google treats decentralized technology."

In the past few days, Google ’s video giant YouTube has deleted thousands of crypto-related videos. However, a representative of YouTube claimed that these deletions were mistakes and Google has started to recover some content.

Nonetheless, these behaviors of YouTube have led to the dissatisfaction of many content creators, and they have begun to migrate to decentralized alternatives.

In response to this incident, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin commented: 45

"When it comes to Google's censorship, it is clear that this has happened."