Year-end Special | Chain Node 2019 Annual Ice Sculpture Awards

The balance of 2019 is less than a week. Looking back on this year, although we did not realize the freedom of wealth, we learned from each other and loved and killed each other with the lovely sand sculpture netizens. The winter came at the end of the year, and the sand sculptures were frozen into ice sculptures. On December 26, the chain node live broadcast launched a year-end special edition of the "chain node 2019 ice sculpture netizen awards" live award ceremony. In the spirit of fairness, justice, and openness, this event voted for a group of immortal netizens, including "Understanding Person of the Year", "Sand Sculpture of the Year", "Counter of the Year", and "Technical God of the Year". People made a live connection and found in the chat:

The "stupidity" of "bit silly" actually comes from the Buddhist family. "Stupidness" means "idiot", which stands for persistence and faith! And Bit Silly's inspiration for writing articles really comes from drinking!

Although "riding and singing and singing" was awarded the King of Faith of the Year, it poured cold water on the spot! It turns out that the belief of the King of Faith is decentralized technology, not btc!

"Asian Copper" as the big pen of the year, in fact, secretly is the poisonous milk king who buys nothing and says nothing!

The father of "the landlord understands people" "Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto" has been in the currency circle for many years, and finally understands that the secret is to smooth the market and stay away from leverage!

There is also a magic stick "ytwok2000", which can be used to disassemble online and interpret the meaning of the word "ice sculpture": from Babbitt to the chain node, turning ice into water and spreading wings.

… What kind of fairy ice sculpture is hidden in the chain node community? Let ’s take a look together.

Technology God of the Year-BurntCoins ( )

Certificate of merit 1

[Ice Sculpture Index] 1%

[Selected comment] Confirmed eyes, look, it's a big brother! In the past year, he has enthusiastically answered n technical questions for free and exported n technical popular science dry goods, knowing everything, as if there is nothing he does not understand? It's too strong!

Best Content Contribution of the Year-Bit Silly ( )

Certificate of merit 2

[Ice Sculpture Index] 5%

[Selected comment] It is said that he is a professional, primary market investor with a unique vision, insight and deep thinking. He only posts the essence of posts. Whether it is about life or the currency circle, he can always see the essence through events . The story in his post is worth reading, strong Amway!

Best Bitcoin Evangelist of the Year——visionfar ( )

Certificate of merit 3

[Ice Sculpture Index] 6%

[Selected comment] Solid BTC party, the community is called Uncle V. In the early years, he slammed the stock market. Now he insists on BTC and continues to recharge his faith in the community. In 2019, he posted a total of 18 posts with only 0.01% water content! The light of Uncle V's wisdom illuminates the land of the chain node community. Numerous fans have been worshipped by everyone because of his too deep thought.

King of Faith of the Year-Riding and Singing Empty ( )

Certificate of merit 4

[Ice Sculpture Index] 25%

[Selected comment] If you buy a coin, but you don't advertise it, it should not be. Some people buy coins to make money, some people buy coins to look forward to change, the long winter, and the faith. Hold on, keep on!

Big Pen of the Year-Asian Copper ( )

Certificate of merit 5

[Ice Sculpture Index] 45%

[Selected comments] Biyuan Iron Powder, a well-known community shoveling officer, and the Three Gorges Dam administrator, have participated in the Dujiangyan Welfare Project. Speech humor, even if you have nothing to say, you need to post a irrigation. This year he received a total of 393 posts, and few of them were really valuable.

Annual Forum God Stick-ytwok2000 ( )

Certificate of merit 6

[Ice Sculpture Index] 55%

[Selected comment] Mr. Zi Zi, the radical encyclopedia of Chinese characters. As the operation and trader of the exchange, the highlight moment in the forum turned out to be a fortune-telling for netizens!

People of the Year-Satoshi Nakamoto ( )

Certificate of merit 7

[Ice Sculpture Index] 65%

[Selected comments] The community is well-known for pointing fingers, one of the four great talents of the chain node. His famous words are far-reaching: "The landlord understands people" "Do you understand now?" Someone imitated ta's id, but could not imitate his prediction: the decline is just the beginning, far from over. Currency friend, do you understand today?

Anti-finger of the year-yca2220206 ( )

Certificate of merit 8

[Ice Sculpture Index] 75%

[Selected comment] One of the four great ghosts in the community, a well-known bull. "Buy" is the most commonly used word this year. In the past year, he made a total of nearly 600 predictions, with an average of two per day, with a correct rate of "20%", which is comparable to that of Satoshi Nakamoto. Often unafraid of the ridicule of multiple armies, fear of bombing by the air force, disregarding the goodwill reminder of the K-line, Yiwu looked back on his own way of pointing back.

Lian Jing of the Year-Part of the Theology of Pitt ( )

Citation 9

[Ice Sculpture Index] 78%

[Selected Comment] Community irritable brother, bitcoin loyalty, critically ill with brain wallet. Professionally sing empty altcoins and sing multiple bitcoins. The recent high level of activity has made him doubt that he is a sailor we paid for, because of a "private key hidden ancient poem", which was contacted by Ms. Junyao many times, but refused to teach online. It's really "ice" and "diao"! Annual God Bar.

Ice Sculpture of the Year-Dunkirk Retreat ( )

Dunkirk Retreat

[Ice Sculpture Index] 85%

[Selected Comment] The community is the strongest short, no one. Ice sculpture remarks are endless. He, who claims to play currency for several years, has experienced the downtime of the exchange, the theft of the exchange, the exchange going to sea, the founder of the exchange suspected to have died, and the exchange closed … The sand sculpture of him, now seeing the red dust, has a balanced mindset and elegant pointing currency Circle of rivers and mountains.

All of the above-mentioned winners will receive a chain gift box provided by the chain. I hope that in 2020, more cute netizens will join the chain node community discussion and move towards common prosperity together!

Seeing that this is the end of this issue?

how come! As the final & annual awards feast in 2019, the host of the live broadcast Miss Jun Yao specially emphasized that friends from the chain node community have a share, so please accept this certificate of love and see you next year!


The above is the live broadcast content organized by the chain node. For more content, please watch the video playback above the article.