Wuhan Intellectual Property Trial Judge: Blockchain Technology Can Solve Pain Points of Copyright Protection in Live Broadcasting

The judge of Wuhan Intellectual Property Tribunal Yin Siyuan said in an interview that the right confirmation and infringement evidence in the live broadcast are the pain points of copyright protection, and the frequently mentioned blockchain technology now provides the possibility to solve this pain point. Sex. The blockchain uses point-to-point distributed accounting methods, multi-node consensus mechanisms, and other technical means to establish a strong trust relationship and value transmission network. It has the characteristics of decentralization, non-tamperable information, collective maintenance, reliable databases, and transparency. Considered a natural technology for copyright protection. Blockchain certificate storage in the field of live broadcasting is specifically manifested in the following: storage, that is, live data and other data information is uploaded to the chain in real time; certificate, which proves that the uploaded data cannot be tampered with. The live broadcast platform urgently needs to establish a copyright blockchain with forensic nodes, rights defending nodes, rights confirming nodes, and trusted third-party nodes, not only in terms of copyright protection, but also in terms of copyright going out to sea and incubation, and copyright transactions.