Twitter Picks | YouTube's "missing" aftermath: netizens don't buy it, V God thinks or has something to do with Google

1. YouTube " accidental deletion " aftermath : Crypto communities don't buy accounts, decentralized platforms are hotly debated again

The YouTube cryptocurrency video incident that has caused a stir and controversy in the crypto community, YouTube said today that deleting hundreds of crypto-related videos this week is " accidental deletion ." A YouTube spokesperson said: "Because of the large number of videos on our website, we sometimes make mistakes." "When we notice that videos have been deleted by mistake, we will quickly take action to recover them." The spokesperson added that for cryptocurrencies , YouTube policy has not changed , and all affected videos have been "restored" and will not " impose penalties on deleted channels ." While YouTube acknowledged the release of the news by mistake, bloggers have said that the deleted videos have been restored. But the aftermath of the incident continues.

Someone in the deleted video blogger said that although the video has been replied, trust in the centralized platform has been affected; Y Combinator founder Paul Graham tweeted to remind him to think twice about creating a business on a platform controlled by other companies; well-known Person Kim Dotcom puts forward the conspiracy theory of the United States "deep government"; Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin believes that it is not completely impossible for Google to be involved in this incident; some big coffees believe that this is indeed a YouTube error, such as AI testing; founder of Blockstack Muneeb believes that it is time to build a decentralized YouTube, but at the same time, opposition voices believe that there are decentralized solutions such as Tor and the problem cannot be solved by the blockchain; Blockstream co-founder Pieter Wuille and other crypto big coffees are involved Discussion. Let's take a look at the views of the parties.


1. Bloggers who have recovered and deleted videos:

1) Alex Saunders, CEO of Nugget's News, once notified @TeamYoutube that 100 videos were taken down after the show was affected, and received two strikes. At 8:57 am Beijing time on December 27, about 17 hours after Saunders @ TeamYoutube, it tweeted that the deleted videos and warnings had been revoked:

we are back! YouTube still didn't contact me, but 250 deleted videos and strikes have been revoked. It's moving to see the crypto community standing behind every affected person. The YouTube incident highlights the importance of educating the public on a decentralized system .

Note: Youtube issued a warning to bloggers who violated the community guidelines for the first time. If the guidelines are violated again, the warning will be upgraded to a strike. If you are warned for the first time, you will not be able to upload videos, live broadcasts, and short stories within a week. , Nor can you create custom thumbnails or post community posts. After one week, all permissions will be restored automatically, but alerts will remain in the channel for 90 days. If you receive a second alert within the 90-day retention period of the first alert, you cannot post content for two weeks. Each alert will expire 90 days after it is issued.

2) YouTube blogger The Crypto Lark:

YouTube has lifted the warning, nearly 300 videos have been restored, and it looks like we can reopen again, it's time to talk about cryptocurrencies on the Internet again.

3) YouTube blogger Omar Bham retweeted the official YouTube account TeamYouTube at 7:38 am Beijing time:

What's New-We're happy to see your video is back online! This is a mistake in our review process-the alert should be revoked. Our policy team is actively working on the remaining affected channels. Thank you very much for your patience!

Omar Bham himself responded to YouTube and wanted to know why this happened:

Thanks for your prompt assistance! thank you very much. We still want to know why this is happening , but we are happy to learn that the situation has been resolved. Happy holiday!

Omar Bham compiled the list of affected bloggers @ TeamYouTube on December 25 after the video was affected . At the time, YouTube officially responded that “the investigation is underway and the investigation will be updated as soon as possible”.


4) The YouTube blogger The Moon stated that it has received an official YouTube response ::

Finally received the official response from YouTube! good news!

However, I learned a valuable lesson. Don't trust or rely too much on central agencies .

From now on, I will try to "spread" my audience!

This "error" caused some serious problems for us YouTube bloggers.

2. Internet celebrities came forward to speak:

5) Paul Graham, founder of the well-known startup incubator Y Combinator, retweeted the original @TeamYoutube tweet from Alex Saunders:

Building a business on a platform controlled by other companies requires thinking twice . The more popular the platform, the less guilt they feel about destroying you.

6) Kim Dotcom, a well-known person and Internet entrepreneur, believes that behind this "accidental deletion" incident is the confluence of Google and the deep government ( conspiracy theory ):

YouTube is now resuming videos of the cryptocurrency KOL. This is no accident. YouTube and Google converge with the deep government (deep state conspiracy theory, which refers to collusion and nepotism within the US government, which constitutes a hidden government elected by law) . This attempt to silence the crypto community has failed. We have a lot of support, and our voice cannot be ignored. Let this incident be a warning. Looking forward / ready for more trouble.

Third, the view of the encrypted coffee:

7) Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin reposted The Block article that reported that Google has suspended the Ethereum wallet MetaMask's Android client in its app store, and commented: "Speaking of Google-related censorship , this obviously happened."

While debating with Bitrefill COO John Carvalho on Google's views on Bitcoin's attack, God V thought:

As for "Google attacks Bitcoin", I agree that it is very unlikely that Google CEO Sundar Pichai will meet and shout "Cryptocurrencies must be destroyed." But it is not entirely impossible for some mid-level functions to decide that cryptocurrencies are unpopular and then decide to take a step back after realizing the negative impact.

8) Bitcoin evangelist Jimmy Song:

My views on the YouTube event are clear, and I don't like the way they take down the video. They are taking advantage of the semi-monopoly of video distribution. But they are a private company. If you don't like it, please vote with your keyboard.

In addition to the above views, there are also big coffees that believe that this incident is indeed a YouTube error:

9) Cred, cryptocurrency analyst:

That's good news! Early evidence (articles I've read so far, so be careful) suggest that this mass ban was a mistake . Cryptocurrency YouTube shows can return to the days when it was robust, informative, and revealing a lot of information a few days ago!

10) Luke Martin, who is also an analyst, agrees with "mistakes":

The same thing happened in the poker community.

The only difference was that they realized that this was not a "war against (where any niche community can be inserted , such as Bitcoin ) ", but that YouTube tested a new AI for filtering content .

This incident also caused the crypto community to discuss the decentralized system again.

11) Blockstack CEO Muneeb Ali called on the crypto community to launch decentralized YouTube:

When Google removed the encrypted video on YouTube, we responded by launching a decentralized YouTube . Not your private key, not your video. (Here it is quoted that neither your private key nor your coin)


Bitcoin core developer Pieter Wuille, co-founder of Blockstream asked:

Do you mean to run the Apache web server yourself?

Muneeb Ali replied:

No, the video is hosted in the storage belonging to the user and discovered through a blockchain pointer.

For the average Internet user, the user experience is similar to YouTube.

Running an Apache Web server is not something a normal user can do.

Bitcoin sidechain RSK smart contract security expert Sergio Demian Lerner writes:

This is a starting point and it is happening on the Bitcoin sidechain @RSKsmart.

(The official introduction shows that RIF storage is an anti-censorship, license-free, decentralized storage protocol.) The test network is about to start on the roadmap.

12) Bitrefill COO John Carvalho sent five tweets explaining that he did not agree with Muneeb Ali:

This is an ignorant and selfish comment. You cannot host video data for the public without curation, because we live in the real world, where we have legal jurisdiction and behavioral consequences . Most, if not all, jurisdictions prohibit the distribution of certain types of content.

Internet connectivity is required to provide content reliably. If you can't reliably provide and curate content, people won't come to you at all. If you provide illegal content, your internet connection rights will be revoked.

Am I a Fascist & Sisist? Am I an antique? Am I a hypocrite who believes in Bitcoin? No. I just have experience in this area and know that what people want is YOUTUBE to allow them to do this, and the problem to be solved is not to be the one who opposes stewardship because we actually need / want data stewardship!

We already have tools for " decentralized " video. Torrent, Tor, etc. Blockchain cannot solve this problem because blockchain is used to eliminate the trust requirement of database integrity between participants with maximum redundancy. Blockstack cannot solve this problem. The good sign of Muneeb's sense of justice cannot solve this problem.

Blockchain cannot protect custodians from legal sanctions, nor can it form a network effect in an ocean of unmanaged data. How did I know? Because we have reached this step. The internet enables everyone to share anything. You can host anything, you can download anything, and it's decentralized !

13) Specific to the implementation of decentralized implementation, Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino put forward his own views on how to implement decentralized social:

Most of the decentralized and censorship-resistant social media proposals I've seen recently have the same flaws as decentralized exchanges.

Some netizens asked what they would do if they switched to Paolo Ardoino. Ardoino replied:

There are two main problems

-Centralized benefits : 1 entity deploys the solution to make money = single point of attack

-Asymmetric risk : The data host bears a lot of risk, and even if it is encrypted, it can store potentially dangerous content.

The solution is a P2P (peer-to-peer) protocol , tokens are agnostic and risk symmetric.

14) Regarding whether this incident will cause YouTube bloggers to switch to a decentralized platform, cryptocurrency analyst Cred believes that affected bloggers will not switch to a decentralized platform :

The idea that a cryptocurrency YouTube blogger whose show has been suspended will migrate to a decentralized alternative is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with sharing content and expanding adoption .

This has to do with generating page views and promoting unregistered securities to make money by buying newcomers .

Be realistic. (Referring to these bloggers not migrating to a decentralized platform because bloggers make money from content)

As of now, YouTube has not made any further disclosure about the "missing".

Of the above, who do you agree with?

2. Major cryptocurrency events in 2019

Cointelegraph Analytics lists major cryptocurrency events this year.

1) As the period of belonging to competitive currencies has not yet come, BTC strengthened its market position in 2019 ( According to data posted by Casa CTO Jameson Lopp, the market share of Bitcoin in 2019 increased by 20%) . Next year, a halving will happen, but we continue to wait for the SEC to approve the Bitcoin ETF.

2) During this year, USDT's contribution to the overall supply of stablecoins is still very large , while the efforts made by other stablecoins have led to a slight increase in supply.

3) In the past year, the number of projects in the DeFi field and their functions have increased significantly , which has led to an increase in the number of ETH locked in DeFi.

4) After the Libra project was announced, it faced regulatory challenges, resulting in corrections to the white paper and uncertainty about the final currency form.

5) Affected by the Libra project, even countries that are skeptical about the benefits of digital currencies have decided to conduct more in-depth research on them. In addition, by the end of the year, the number of countries adopting digital currencies has increased by 75% .

6) Most widely publicized projects like Ethereum Killers have failed to get a positive return. However, we have been following a series of events in TON.

7) The use of staking has increased , largely due to the trend towards a faster and more energy-efficient blockchain . Take a look at the most important staking data.

Original text (graphic):

3. Industry News

a. ETC plans to carry out the Agharta hard fork on January 15, 2020. This hard fork will include the functions of the Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople fork and intends to make ETC fully compatible with Ethereum.

b. Bitcoin DeFi takes the first step: Money on Chain launched the Alpha version of the decentralized stablecoin protocol on the RSK network. The protocol is backed by Bitcoin and consists of two tokens, providing several use cases for token holders, including leveraged Bitcoin operations.

c. Bitcoin mining giant Jia Nan Yunzhi will launch a 5nm chip mining machine in the first quarter of 2020, becoming the second manufacturer to announce the launch of a 5nm chip mining machine after Bitmain.

d. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin posted on Twitter a proposal entitled "Alternatives to the Early Eth1 <-> Eth2 Merger", which will get rid of the PoW chain and move to the beacon chain (PoS chain).

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