Lingting 2020 | Tang Xialing: Data, regulatory sandboxes and licenses are the three blockchain regulatory trends worth watching in the future

On the evening of December 27, the world's first blockchain year-end speech "Ling Listening 2020" was held in Hangzhou. In the speech, Tang Xialing, the vice president / editor of Babbitt and the initiator of the blockchain, said in the speech that in the next year, there are three trends in blockchain supervision that deserve attention: data, regulatory sandbox, and license. In terms of data. In November, China upgraded the data to the seventh largest factor of production, and can participate in the initial distribution. Data has unprecedentedly improved to a position as important as production factors such as labor, capital, land, knowledge, technology, and management. Now some commonly used apps will pop up. To get your data authorization or agree to the user's privacy terms, users need to check. These small changes have already happened to us. There are also regulatory sandboxes and licenses. Recent developments in regulatory sandboxes around the world, including in China, may provide some reference for future trends. Licenses may be the first step towards standardization. We believe that blockchain technology will self-rectify its name and will also accept regulatory "proofs".

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