Jilin Baishan police cracked virtual currency fraud case, arrested 121 suspects and seized more than 37 million yuan

On December 27, the police of the Virtual Currency Fraud Task Force of Baishan Public Security Bureau of Jilin Province returned to the team. After more than 40 hours of continuous fighting, 9 telecom fraud dens were destroyed, 121 suspects were arrested, and more than 37 million yuan were seized. On August 18, 2019, the Baishan police found that fraudsters used WeChat friends and other methods to preach that buying and selling virtual currencies can earn high profits, attracting netizens to recharge bets on their platform, waiting for the big After the bet reaches the expected target, the background "delete, pull black" and other operations will be carried out, and then the player's funds will be owned. On December 21, the task force set up an arrest team in accordance with the instructions of the headquarters of the Baishan Public Security Bureau, and went to various places to conduct near-inspection on the "8.18" virtual currency fraud criminal gang.