Lingting 2020 | Ping An Finance One Account Connects with Lu Yifan: "Branching Chain" Is Equal to Remanufacturing Data Island, Making Blockchain No Longer Valuable

On the evening of December 27, the world's first blockchain year-end speech "Ling Listening 2020" was held in Hangzhou. Lu Yifan, general manager of the blockchain business of Ping An Finance One Account, said in his speech that the value of blockchain lies in breaking data silos and making data traceable, penetrable and verifiable. However, traditional blockchains still have many problems in terms of data privacy and network security. Privacy protection schemes such as trusted computing, hash on-chain, and encryption on-chain all achieve privacy protection by sacrificing the value of the blockchain. Meaningless. He pointed out that if the blockchain is broken into many sub-chains in order to protect privacy, it is actually equivalent to re-manufacturing data islands, greatly reducing performance, severely affecting the expansion of the blockchain, and eventually it will become a way to eliminate the value of the blockchain. Weapon. Ping An Finance One Account uses a full encryption framework and a 3D zero-knowledge system to realize the value of "shared" data without the "shared" data, and to resolve the contradiction between data utilization and privacy protection.

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