Lingting 2020 | Tang Xialing: Blockchain wealth concept has nothing to do with wealth

On the evening of December 27, the world's first blockchain year-end speech "Ling Listening 2020" was held in Hangzhou. Tang Xialing, the vice president / editor of Babbitt and the initiator of the blockchain, said in a speech that in 2019, people in the blockchain field entered Hurun and Forbes rich list for the first time. This is a signal that the industry is starting to grow. Blockchain wealth concept has nothing to do with wealth. It's about the value of everyone's heart. What are the anchor points of your life value? Market share, achievements, fame, status, honor, wealth, feelings, family, value in life … Money in the form of money is just a digital return of all your efforts and efforts. Money made by luck is lost by strength. She also pointed out that in the field of blockchain, there are no authoritative experts, no indisputable definitions, no previous experience for reference, and everyone is an adventurer in the unknown world, exploring the boundaries of the dark world.

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