Review 2019 | 100 Blockchain High-Quality Articles (Part 1)

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For many cryptocurrency investors, 2019 is a sad year. Although this year, there are some cryptocurrency projects with dazzling currency prices (BTC as a hedging asset in the first half, IEO's platform coin detonated, XTZ and ATOM of the Staking economy) , Defi's SNX, King of Cooperation and Memecoin represent LINK, but most of the mainstream or non-mainstream currencies have fallen to new lows due to the weakness in the second half of the year.

This year is known as many years. Some people say that this year is the year of PoS and staking. Coinbase and Binance have begun to fully support the pledged economy. Some people say this year is the year of Defi. The value of Defi locked on Ethereum has repeatedly broken new highs. Some people say that this year is the year of DAO, MolochDAO leads the trend of DAO; others say that this year is a cross-chain year. The ecology of Boca and Cosmos has brought new attention to the market. This year's currency price may be a sad year, but the stories and foundations of various themes are constantly changing and trying new things. After a few years, when we look back, this may be a sad year and a turning year.

This article is a selection and summary of high-quality foreign blockchain and cryptocurrency articles in 2019, to record, review and explore our developments this year. What is the focus of the international currency circle in this year? Don't forget your original intention and move forward.

January | Forecasts are blooming, Defi and DAO are making their mark

01) Cryptocurrency Investment Papers, 2019 Forecast

Date: January 2, 2019 Author: Arjun Balaji Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: 2019 prediction text best one

Summary: There are several 19-year forecast articles in early 2019. This is one of the best works. I personally think that the best 19-year forecast. Arjun is a partner of Shomei Capital (now Paradigm), which is not only a prediction, but also a lot of science knowledge and thinking about the industry. Even if you look back from now one year later, many of his predictions are very advanced. Although most of them have not been achieved, many of them are on the track according to his predictions. You make his predictions as the 2020 annual forecast. The content is still very engaging. To quote him at the end, "In the coming months or years, we will enter a quite long period of ebb. Many people will spend time thinking about what is the next thing to land in the crypto world. After the 2013/2014 cycle, something new like Ethereum has emerged Protocols, payment processing tools, etc., but most people who entered this field in the bubble will leave. But anyway, as early as ten years ago, the cryptocurrency genie has been released from the bottle, and it has brought a lot of stories And change, this change will surely continue. "

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02) How VCs ruined ICOs in 2018

Time: January 5, 2019 Author: Chris @ ICODog Category: financing Reason: ICO announced at the end of the absolute trough in the era of ICO

Brief introduction: The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 were the happiest times for ICOs, and with the bear market, many ICO projects fell by nearly 95%. ICOdog is an ICO project evaluation website. Chris is a member of the team. He wrote this article (divided into four parts), which analyzes his reasons for the ICO crash in 2018. He pointed directly at the greed of cryptocurrency institutions and funds leading to ICOs. Entering into the unsustainable development status, he explained the Pump and Dump in ICO as an example, and the FBG, which was so popular in 18 years, has also been the target of its example. ICO market sentiment at that time was at an absolute trough,

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03) Pantera's Investment Paper: Decentralized Finance

Time: January 8, 2019 Author: Joey Krug Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: Defi popular kicked off the real sense

Brief introduction: To be honest, this masculine article on decentralized finance by Pantera may be very meaningful, an article that really kicks off the popular prelude to Defi. Prior to this article, Defi was still a fragmented combination, an early concept, and some pioneers talked about investment stories in capital. This article largely gives a summary of a shaped investment theory and investment direction, and has brought decentralized finance and Defi into the mainstream media and mainstream currency investment institutions. Looking back at this article, you will find that the development of Defi in this year, the number of applications and the popularity of knowledge, compared to a year ago, the development is very gratifying. Thanks to Joey Krug and Pantera.

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04) Exploring Decentralized Network Virus Transmission Ability Through Meme

Time: January 13, 2019 Author: Max Bronstein Category: Community encryption currency selected reasons: first systematic summary Meme as a marketing communication tool encryption currency community

Introduction: After one year, this article is still worthy of detailed description, because even after one year, Meme is still so trendy, many people do n’t even know or have heard of Meme, and it is very difficult to explain Meme itself. Thing. Chainlink in 2019 is the biggest representative of Memecoin. The community created a lot of easy-to-spread spoof pictures, and successfully shaped the most destructive communication community after XRP Army and Dogecoin. In the final analysis, Bitcoin is also a Memecoin. The author tried hard to systematically explain what Meme is, which may not be a very easy to understand explanation, but a good attempt, of course, nothing else can do better than this. Meme more needs to be done and immersed in it.

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05) 96 predictions of blockchain in 2019

Time: January 15, 2019 Author: Ryan Selkis Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: the best predictor 2019 text challenger (second-best)

Brief introduction: Messari's editor-in-chief for the 2019 predictions of the 2019 blockchain, written by Ryan Selkis, 96 predictions, they recently wrote a great prediction for 2020, now looking back at this 2019 is a bit rude, but it was already a good work at the time. There are many good predictions in it, such as "BTC and ETH have bottomed out", and there are also many faces, such as "EOS will exceed ETH". It is recommended to read it in comparison with Arjun Balaji's 2019 prediction.

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06) Ethereum's Year (2018)

Time: January 16, 2019 Author: Josh Stark, Evan Van Ness and Daniel Zakrisson Category: Currency Guide Reason: the most comprehensive and cutting-edge Ethernet Frank's 2018 annual summary

Brief introduction: L4 co-founder Josh Stark and Ethereum "spokesman" Evan Van Ness worked together. Evan was also the editor of the weekly Ethereum Week in Ethereum News. At that time, there was no rise of ETH Hubs, so this was the most comprehensive at that time. With the cutting-edge Ethereum annual summary, if you look at the following six items of the Ethereum 2018 annual summary, you will know how cutting-edge it is, even if it is put into the present, it is very cutting-edge. "The most important developments in Ethereum in 2018: 1. More people are starting to use Ethereum to do more things-but we are still far from large-scale adoption; 2. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and stablecoins -A new type of application, which has witnessed the release of many products and some breakthrough achievements; 3. #BUIDL Year-It is very easy to build applications on Ethereum. Our development and security tools have been significantly improved , We are better at sharing best practices, and hackathons have become a trend; 4. Layer 2 extensions—launched multiple "Layer2" applications, and we are making these extension solutions easier for developers to use Significant progress has been made; 5. Zero-knowledge technology-zkSTARK … "; 6. ETH 2.0 / Serenity-The roadmap has been consolidated and the research project has shifted to engineering work. "

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07) Why 2019 will be the year of DAO

Time: January 17, 2019 Author: Stefano Bernardi Category: block chain management Reason: Trends and cited examples, open year story of a DAO

Summary: Stefano Bernardi is the community leader of the DAO foundation project Aragon and the executive director of the Aragon Association. Interestingly, this article is very close to the one published by Moloch DAO. The article mainly lists six major trends, including: a. Talent globalization and “job” transformation, b. Resource-rich stakeholder networks need to be coordinated , C. The rise of decentralized finance, d. Standardized participation in governance, e. Deplatonization of platforms, f. The rise of political / social organizations. Leading 2019 will be the year of DAO, and now, the development of these trends is still too far ahead. The use of DAO remains to be seen, but the application examples of DAO are exciting.

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08) Moloch DAO: The collapsed corporate system

Time: January 17, 2019 Author: Simon de la Rouviere Category: block chain management Reason: personally become examples, open year story of a DAO

Introduction: In the previous article, Stefano Bernardi told the DAO's annual story, and MolochDAO used it as an application example to start a DAO annual story, which successfully set off the DAO trend in the Ethereum community. This article details ideas and design principles about Moloch DAO.

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09) The Rise and Fall of Cryptocurrency Narrative

Time: January 24, 2019 Author: Dan Held Category: encryption currency Narrative Reason: the continuation of the trend of the end of 18 encryption currency narrative works

Brief introduction: Each development period of cryptocurrency has a unique cryptocurrency narrative. This narrative (story) serves as the core of communication, better allows communication and public awareness, and serves as an investment argument. The article quotes the various narrative developments of Bitcoin and Ethereum and proposes "the anti-fragility of narrative".

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February | Compound debuts as an overlord, with middle-tier protocols favored

10) 2018 Report on Digital Asset Loans through Open Agreements

Time: February 4, 2019 Author: Bloqboard Category: Defi Reason: Defi Development Report 2018

Brief introduction: Also known as the "Defi Development Report 2018", you can see the development status of Defi in the early 19th. Because Defi was mainly concentrated in borrowing at that time, this can be viewed as the Defi industry report. At that time, Maker occupied more than 80% of the market, and Compound appeared as an overlord. Dharma was still a star with high hopes. At that time, there were very few projects. If it is to develop the archeological Defi, this is a very interesting report.

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11) Cryptocurrency industry map

Date: February 7, 2019 Author: Ash Egan Category: General foundation Reason: institutional capital, according to his industry map layout is enough unicorns

Introduction: Ash Egan is a partner of accompliceVC. The biggest highlight of the article is the map (industrial structure framework). For many traditional institutions or investment institutions new to the cryptocurrency industry, it is sufficient to lay out unicorns according to his industry map. , Can well capture the industry dividend of the blockchain. His perspective is not limited to currency, but the investment of the entire industry. The article compares capital institutions, rather than face retail investors.

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12) The most beautiful middle layer protocol

Time: 14 February 2019 Author: Chris Burniske Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: they made "fat Agreement", and now they turn to investing in the "middle layer"

Introduction: Placeholder has always been one of my favorite institutions. This article was written by their partner Chris. Chris is famous for his research on valuation, while their other partner Joel is the famous "fat protocol" Author of investment theory. In this article, they are to a certain extent a "negative" extension of the "fat protocol", with the "middle layer" as the investment target. The reason is "The interoperability of state and value may put downward price pressure on the Tier 1 blockchain without currency premium, while enabling strong middleware protocols to enable cross-chain in their respective services, in their field Winners take all. "

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13) An Introduction to Bitcoin Investor Emotions and Changes in Saving Behavior

Time: 20 February 2019 Author: Adamant Capital Category: valuation theory Reason: they made "fat Agreement", and now they turn to investing in the "middle layer"

Summary: For institutional investors, the question "What is your model for evaluating Bitcoin?" Is often asked. Investors want to know what are the basic drivers behind BTC price fluctuations, and whether Bitcoin was overvalued, undervalued, or at fair value at a particular time. Adamant Capital briefly introduced the history of Bitcoin's valuation theory and proposed two new methods to measure changes in Bitcoin's preservation behavior: relative unrealized profit / loss ratio (≈investment sentiment) and HODLer position change (≈internal purchase) / Sale), with the addition of "Liveliness", a measure that reflects the extent to which depositors make meaningful use of cryptocurrencies.

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14) Decentralized Charity Ecosystem

Time: 21 February 2019 Author: Joe Waltman Category: Application Reason: decentralized eco-charity might be the breakthrough application encryption currency

Summary: Despite Bitcoin's early idealistic ideas, people often overlook the potential of using digital currencies to provide assistance to people in areas where currencies or governments are damaged. The author describes a fairly comprehensive decentralized charity ecology.

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15) Next Fintech: Global "Open Finance" Infrastructure

Time: 22 February 2019 Author: Andrew Wong Category: Defi Reason: explanation of an earlier article into the system Defi

Summary: Open Finance-an open source financial services infrastructure based on a public blockchain-may be the next major digital financial form after Fintech. Driven by the transformation of virtual liquidity (bank account deposits) into digital liquidity (tokens in digital wallets), a level playing field can provide inclusive financial services. The introduction of new profit mechanisms has encouraged innovations that were previously impossible.

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16) Surviving Crypto Winter 3: Why Privacy Tokens Will Rule the Next Bull Market

Time: 26 February 2019 Author: Daniel Jeffries Category: privacy Selected reasons: privacy issues early wave of popularity of privacy currency masterpiece

Introduction: At the beginning of the year, MimbleWimble brought a wave of privacy coins, and also set off everyone's rethinking about cryptocurrencies and privacy. This article gives a very comprehensive and systematic development and reflection on privacy coins. Slightly insufficient in depth, but very good in generality, it is a very comprehensive article on privacy issues and tokens.

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17) Blockchain era: The blockchain market is eating the world

Time: 28 February 2019 Author: Taylor Pearson Category: encryption monetary economics Selected reasons: from the market and economics to explain the importance of bitcoin block chain and

Brief introduction: From ancient times to the present, the author has listed the economic structure of various eras to explain the significance of Bitcoin and blockchain. "Whether bitcoin can survive or not, the Pandora's Box is now open. In the same way, computing and the Internet have opened up new areas of the economy that are engulfed by the market. Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology have also engulfed another market. Domain: Money. "

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March | Scalability and privacy are coming together, and the first and second layer solutions are still a long way off

18) Bitcoin, Pizza and Lightning Network

Time: March 1, 2019 Author: Connor Dempsey Category: Scalability Reason: Experience with ordering pizza to experience lightning network report

Brief introduction: The author is from Circle. In order to better understand the Bitcoin Lightning Network, the author uses the Lightning Network to order pizza. In fact, he has ordered a lot of pizzas. By ordering pizza, he experiences the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The final experience conclusions are both pessimistic and optimistic.

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19) MimbleWimble report

Time: March 8, 2019 Author: Circle Research Category: privacy Selected reasons: the first comprehensive report MimbleWimble

Brief introduction: Circle wrote a lot of reports at the beginning of the year. This report is also the first report that I comprehensively introduce and organize Mimblewimble. With the decline of Circle, the original address may no longer be available, but the title is searched on Baidu. Some Chinese translations can still be found.

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20) Establish token-related trading strategies to arbitrage

Time: March 8, 2019 Author: Alex Woodard Category: arbitrage Reason: arbitrage correlation between the use of tokens

Brief introduction: The overall unrelated assets (BTC Digital Gold and ETH World Computer) move together, indicating that the market is immature. In highly relevant markets, the basic value and quality of projects have become less important, and prices are mostly arbitrary. Overall, this has led to reduced portfolio diversification and increased risk for crypto asset investors and managers. But this high degree of relevance offers opportunities for savvy investors. In this blog post, the author introduces currency pair transactions in cryptocurrency asset investment, looks for statistical differences between earnings correlations, looks for opportunities for pairing transactions, and showcases case studies of currency pair transactions between Ethereum and Augur .

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21) Cosmos Network: Blockchain Internet is coming

Time: 12 March 2019 Author: Paradigm Fund Category: Cross chain Reason: very comprehensive introduction resolve Coamos

Introduction: At the beginning of the year, the star project Cosmos was launched, attracting a lot of attention as a cross-chain duo. This is a more detailed introduction and analysis of the Cosmos project at the time.

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22) Schnorr Signature and the Inevitability of Bitcoin Privacy

Time: 14 March 2019 Author: Lucas Nuzzi Category: privacy Reason: Schnorr signature may be the most important improvement Bitcoin last couple of years

Summary: Schnorr signatures may be the most important improvement of Bitcoin in the past year or two, but many people may not have heard of or knew about Schnorr signatures. This is a popular science article that is currently best signed for Schnorr. Bitcoin's mass adoption depends on the strength of its privacy guarantees. At the same time, the popularity of the Lightning Network and its own potential for private payments have created uncertainty for the future demand for on-chain settlement after mining the last Bitcoin. Therefore, the need for privacy and the long-term sustainable development of Bitcoin without overall rewards are probably the two most worrying issues surrounding Bitcoin today. Fortunately, Schnorr's enabled privacy mechanism can potentially address both issues.

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23) Where is the value of the token

Time: 20 March 2019 Author: Boris Wertz Category: valuation theory Selected reasons: to find value in addition to currency speculation encryption

Summary: In the 2017 ICO bubble, tokens were introduced in almost every cryptocurrency project (usually for fundraising purposes only). However, few people answered why they actually need to provide a unique token for their project and how that token will actually generate value. The concept of how tokens actually add value over time has evolved over the past few years, and the fundamental question has always been whether more people want to hold that particular token rather than sell it (this (Meaning the price should go up).

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24) Understanding Generalized Plasma Structure

Time: 26 March 2019 Author: Plasma Group Category: Scalability Reason: Plasma is still very early, future long way to go, is also great potential

Summary: The Plasma Group, a research organization for Ethereum's second-tier extension technology, has published an article describing our new work on the broader Plasma architecture. This article introduces the architecture in more detail for those interested. We will explore how everything fits together at a high level, and then move on to a sample implementation of Python.

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April | IEO lacks sustainability, WorkToken becomes hot spot for exploration

25) Impact of IEO phenomenon on market and token model

Date: April 1, 2019 Author: Derek Hsue Category: financing Reason: alert the world when emotions running high IEO

Introduction: A researcher of Blockchain Capital wrote that when IEO sentiment was high, I posted an article to pay attention to sustainability and risk, and then IEO performance was as expected. The most classic sentence is "High-quality projects do not raise funds through IEO".

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26) Why Ethereum will become a global settlement layer

Time: April 9, 2019 Author: Joe Lubin Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: pull the "ETH is Money" story prelude

Brief introduction: The speech of Joe Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of Consensys at the Blockchain Week in Seoul, kicked off the story of "ETH is Money". This is a big text on Ethereum. I mainly want to say that Ethereum will become the decentralized financial base and the global settlement layer.

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27) Economics of Token Pledge: Exploring Work Token

Time: 13 April 2019 Author: Anjan Vinod Category: encryption Economics Reason: Stake to Work, not just Stake

Summary: Work Token has become a novel way to interact with and participate in decentralized applications. Working tokens introduce a new method of network participation. With appropriate incentives, in theory, participants are motivated to actively contribute to the network. In the working token system, network participants need to mortgage a certain amount of tokens to provide services to the network and obtain corresponding income. Similar to the taxi license model, that is, individuals pay high up-front costs to obtain a license, and thus have the right to drive a taxi or lease a license to obtain additional income.

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28) Why DAI is the biggest threat to Ethereum

Time: 15 April 2019 Author: David Hoffman Category: Defi selected reasons: the author proposes a new point of view, Ethernet Square around the DAI (sun) rotation

Summary: The author puts forward a new perspective on the role of DAI in etheric relationships. DAI is the center of decentralized finance, and its role is gradually enlarged, and it becomes the sun of Ethereum, which rotates around DAI.

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29) DAO Status

Time: 18 April 2019 Author: Vu Gaba Vineb Category: block chain management Reason: a very comprehensive review and outlook of the various DAO since the birth of Bitcoin

Summary: In this article, the author lists the most famous DAOs that have existed, are already running, and will be released in the near future. When discussing DAO, I will categorize it based on 3 main attributes: the nature of decision making; the level of participation rewards and decentralization. In the process, there are also the author's comments on DAO and concerns about any mechanism. With the launch of Polkadot, MolochDAO, DigixDAO, GenesisDAO, DxDAO, WBTC DAO and PolkaDAO, 2019 can be said to be a year of DAO. It's great to see a variety of concepts in these new hands in the DAO space. In practice, some of these concepts may work, and some may not. In any case, it will be exciting to witness early experiments with new methods of human coordination through DAO.

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30) Revealing the ecosystem financing landscape

Time: 18 April 2019 Author: Marc Weinstein Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: Many people underestimate the impact of Ethernet ConsenSys Square community growth

Summary: Advanced technology may not be enough to win the "war" of this smart contract platform, so the team is using all available tools to attract the attention of developers. This includes the deployment of funds through foundations and funds. Gaining widespread developer attention may have a positive impact on future core protocol development. The fat protocol argument may work for a long time, but currently, the flow of funds initially injected into layer 1 is moving up the stack back to the application layer, which is critical to bringing users to these platforms. Many people underestimate the impact of ConsenSys on the growth of the Ethereum community. Remember, ConsenSys has deployed hundreds of millions of dollars in equivalent capital to dozens of startups and developers over the past two years.

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31) How the utopian vision of Web 3.0 conflicts with reality

Time: 22 April 2019 Author: Marlene Ronstedt Category: Web3.0 Reason: The new Internet is to fund financed by the old people of the Internet

Summary: Marlene Ronstedt is a writer and artist who wrote a broken dream article about Web 3.0 from a social and historical perspective. The article is mainly divided into three parts, what is Web3.0, who is building Web3.0, and why is this just utopia. I like her two views very much: "We have been pursuing decentralization, but found that we have only been decentralizing our infrastructure without decentralizing our wealth." "It is difficult for us to pass a new "The decentralized Internet repairs our old Internet, and this new Internet is funded by sponsors of the old Internet."

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32) Bitcoin and Lightning Network Stack

Time: 25 April 2019 Author: Spencer Bogart Category: key concepts selected reasons: lightning network stack molding

Summary: The Lightning Network is just one layer in the emerging Bitcoin stack. These different layers or protocols may all provide different functions, but have a potential commonality: their presence makes Bitcoin more useful than it is today.

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33) Is Defi a killer application for Ethereum? Compound case

Time: 26 April 2019 Author: Dave Kajpust Category: Defi Reason: Compound Research and Ethernet Square Defi Case

Brief introduction: Compound is a currency market protocol built on Ethereum, which provides Ethereum users with the ability to short and earn interest using idle assets. If the decentralized financial agreement can attract enough pledged assets, they can refer to the traditional financial system to charge a commission of 0.1% -4% and profit from it. The traditional currency market is expected to have a market size of US $ 3 trillion, which is a huge opportunity. Global financial products are expected to have a market size of US $ 100 trillion, all of which have brought opportunities for decentralized financial products. They develop the product silently and then release it to the public when the product is ready for use. This gives them a clear first mover advantage, which helps them build their brand and attract more funding. This is a realistic strategy for many decentralized financial products, showing that there is no market value for protocol tokens without practical value. If Ethereum loses its advantage, these decentralized financial products can be migrated to other smart contract platforms.

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May | The market is dull, seeking more tricks for Staking and Defi

34) All Roads Lead to Rome (Three Narratives and Audiences of Bitcoin)

Date: May 3, 2019 Author: Andrew Wong Category: Investment Philosophy Selected reasons: the quality of the narrative Bitcoin

Summary: Born in the abyss of the 2008 financial crisis, Bitcoin sought to position itself as a replacement for existing currencies and banking systems. Its existence has triggered a global soul search, especially among young people, questioning the true meaning of "money". Although it is too early to judge the long-term success of Bitcoin, this article explores the form of narrative, prompting interest in the subject. It explores 3 main narratives and audiences about Bitcoin: 1) those who oppose the "big shot" of currency and banking; 2) look for "value storage" assets; and 3) construct the next generation of "money".

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35) CIRI Introduction: Crypto Interest Rate Index

Time: May 6, 2019 Author: Marc Weinstein Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: looking for "LIBOR encryption currency"

Summary: A healthy fixed income market requires a well-known reference rate. Without such an index, it is difficult for market participants to price various fixed income instruments fairly. In short, they don't know the price paid by others. Without this information, it will be difficult for the parties to reach an agreement, and it will be difficult for the market to properly price credit risk. The interest rate index will eliminate this information friction and ultimately help improve overall market liquidity. In order for a thriving fixed income market to appear in cryptocurrencies, we need to determine an appropriate "risk-free" benchmark interest rate.

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36) 7 ways to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies

Time: 16 May 2019 Author: Staking Rewards category: investment philosophy Reason: encryption assets is shifting from the non-productive assets productive assets

Summary: In this article, the author introduces 7 main ways, and specifically mentions how to take advantage of the trend of productive crypto assets, and finally starts to earn considerable passive income. There are mainly staking, working tokens, Defi loans, market making liquidity, payment channels, securities tokens, algorithmic trading, etc. In fact, these 7 methods still have a lot of potential for development. With the advent of Staking and DeFi, people can use crypto assets in various ways to generate passive income. All the above opportunities are just the beginning, and we are still in the beginning. stage.

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37) Past and Future of Blockchain: Where and Why We Go

Time: 24 May 2019 Author: Spencer Bogart Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: A brief summary of the past decade to block the ins and outs of the industry chain

Summary: Overall, even insiders have greatly exaggerated the possibility that the new chain will exceed Bitcoin. Bitcoin has more users, more value-at-risk, more visibility, more ramps, the best support infrastructure, and it can be said to be the most prudent "balance" set in the public blockchain field ( Emphasis on security, long-term scalability and perfection) (predictable monetary policy).

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38) DAOstack: The future of smart companies

Time: 27 May 2019 Author: Josiah Swaim Category: block chain management Reason for selection: DAOstack is an important theme in the project DAO

Introduction: Decentralized autonomous organization, referred to as DAO. DAOstack is not only used for financial innovation, but also for the potential of social technology and human civilization. Many people think they have the ability to innovate the future of organizational structures. Are these just the dreams of Cypherpunks and idealists? Or is there any more of these ideas? This article introduces some of the characteristics of DAOstack and why he can effectively organize the reorganization of society and fit more closely with the general public.

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39) Inspirations from Satoshi Nakamoto's vision for Bitcoin

Time: 28 May 2019 Author: Tony Sheng Category: History Classic Reason: The number of encryption monetary items before Nakamoto (bitcoin)

Summary: In this article, Tony Sheng introduces some "cryptocurrency" related projects before the advent of Bitcoin. David Chaum's E-Cash in 1982; Haber and Stornetta's associated timestamps in 1991; Wei Dai's b-Money in 1998; Adam Back's Hashcash in 2002; Szabo's Bit Gold in 2005.

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40) MimbleWimble in IoT applications

Time: 30 May 2019 Author: Grayblock Category: privacy Reason: Things privacy

Summary: To achieve privacy and anonymity in INT transactions, and to use the hot Mimblewimble, this article also gained some attention at the time.

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June | Various DAOs Are Getting Into The Eyes, Rollup Becomes a Layer 2 Star Solution

41) Design Principles of Ethereum 2.0

Time: June 7, 2019 Author: Raul Jordan Category: Currency Guide Reason: Explains Why Square Ethernet 2.0

Summary: The roadmap around Ethereum 2.0 has a lot of research recommendations and current status articles. However, there are few public reports on the design principles and invariants behind many of its internal work. Having a clear set of invariants is essential to successfully carry out this coordinated, multi-year effort, and it also allows implementers to be on the same page in terms of Ethereum philosophy. This article will explain some of these design decisions, their background, and why they are critical to the future of the protocol. The author is a co-founder of Prysmatic Labs and a partner of zk Capital. He is mainly responsible for the development of Ethereum 2.0.

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42) Binance Defi Report

Time: June 8, 2019 Author: Binance Research Category: Defi Reason: An Institute of currency research reports are very top grade

Summary: This report is the first article in the DeFi series and will cover different platforms and protocols designed to disrupt existing financial industries and infrastructure. Specifically, this report will discuss the basic cornerstone of DeFi: a decentralized crypto asset lending platform.

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43) Crypto Tide: Past, Present and Future

Time: June 8, 2019 Author: Kerman Kohli Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: Speculators -> Users -> builders (designers, product managers, developers) -> Entrepreneurs

Introduction: Speculators-> Users-> Builders (Designers, Product Managers, Developers)-> Entrepreneurs. Over time, the number of this group will decrease rapidly, but as people reach the end decades later, the results will become more and more complex. Technical problems are the easiest to solve, and it is the most difficult to convince people of the ideology behind the blockchain movement. Before the expansion wave, there will be 1-2 speculative waves. Each wave of speculation is 10 times higher than the previous wave.

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44) Crypto Political Theory

Time: 11 June 2019 Author: Erik Category: Politics encryption selected reasons: a good encryption currency project is also the founder of a politician

Summary: It is precisely because of the inviolability of mathematics that cryptography has become active, a new form of economic, social, and political power has emerged: cryptographic sovereignty. By making the violent physical forces of national legal machines and other barbaric opponents useless in digital space, cryptocurrencies create a value that is completely beyond the control of any country through a series of mathematical operations. Pages of the world. This is the birth of a new type of socio-political digital economy complex.

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45) DeFi Series: Statistics of MakerCDP loans and top users

Time: 14 June 2019 Author: alethio Category: Defi Reason: user habits of large data MakerDAO top

Summary: MakerDAO has locked in about 96% of ETH (valued at 1.65 million ETH, $ 410 million on June 7, 2019) in major platforms. This article delves into Maker CDP-related activities and presents statistics on its active users and top DAI borrowers.

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46) Facebook and Bitcoin

Time: 16 June 2019 Author: Jonathan Caras Category: Currency Guide Reason: Libra guess the text of the most outstanding one

Summary: This article was written before the Libra white paper was launched, and many people wrote Libra's guess at that time, and this is the best one.

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47) Highlights of the four DAO projects (Aragon, DAOstack, Colony, Moloch)

Time: 16 June 2019 Author: Daniel Kronovet Category: block chain management Reason: lists four unique project DAO

Introduction: This article mainly compares four basic methods of typical Ethereum decentralized autonomous organization projects. Among them are Aragon, DAOstack, Colony, and MolochDAO. A brief overview of the four Ethernet DAO projects and an attempt to understand the basic ideas and significant technological innovations that form their respective value bases. For those who want to understand and invest in DAO topics, this can be a quick article, take a look at these four projects For now, it's basically enough.

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48) Some Trade-off Designs of Bitcoin

Time: 19 June 2019 Author: Nic Carter Category: encryption Economics Reason: Bitcoin some design trade-offs

Summary: In this article, I will discuss some of the trade-offs that Bitcoin has chosen for an unpopular or more challenging path in pursuit of its ambitious long-term goals: regulated / unregulated exchange rates; unlimited / capped supply; frequent / Infrequent hard forks; discretionary monetary policy / non-independent monetary policy; monetary policy; unlimited / limited block space. If you encounter a feature that seems to be clearly wrong with Bitcoin, take a closer look and find out why it exists.

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49) Overview of several solutions for Layer2

Time: 20 June 2019 Author: Alexander Skidanov Category: Scalability Reason: earlier to share this now popular technology Rollups

Summary: This article was shared by NEAR and introduces some existing Layer 2 solutions. The core idea behind any layer 2 solution is that it allows multiple parties to interact securely in some way without having to post transactions on the main chain (ie layer 1), but still to some extent Utilizes the security of the main chain as the arbiter. . Different layer 2 solutions have different properties, advantages, and disadvantages. They think that the most exciting L2 solution is Rollups, and with great accuracy, Rollup is really hot now.

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