Blockchain Industry Development Trend Report (2019): Systematic Analysis of the Global Blockchain Industry Development Status

From October 24th, after the eighteenth collective study of the development status and trends of blockchain technology by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the blockchain industry has continued to heat up, and more and more companies and institutions have chosen to join this wave. In China, regulators are paying more and more attention. JP Morgan Chase, Facebook and other institutions continue to enter the market. The People's Bank of China plans to launch central bank digital currency … Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the hottest technology keywords in China and even in the world in 2019. In order to summarize the current status of the blockchain industry in 2019 and look forward to future development trends, Zero One Finance and Zero One Think Tank and the Digital Asset Research Institute released on December 20th the "2020 Digital Technology Annual Conference and Zero One Financial New Finance Annual Conference" The "Blockchain Industry Development Trend Report 2019" .

The report was released on the spot by Baiyi Cheng, a partner, vice president and president of the ZeroOne Institute. The report starts from the dimensions of enterprises, investment and financing, patented technology, talent recruitment, government parks, and regulatory policies, and utilizes data advantages to systematically analyze the current status of the development of the global blockchain industry, especially in China. While reviewing the blockchain in 2019, the report also proposes a ten-point outlook on blockchain 2020 and beyond.

It should be noted that this time is the PPT version of the "Blockchain Industry Development Trend Report (2019)". The full text version of the report will be released in the near future.  

The following are the main contents of the PPT report: