Ling Listening to the 2020 New Year's Eve Speech: Finding the "Sense of Blockchain" with 100-Page PPT

On December 27, the world's first blockchain year-end speech "Ling Listening 2020" was held in Hangzhou. In a three-hour uninterrupted immersive speech, Tang Xialing, vice president / editor of Babbitt and the initiator of Lingting Blockchain, focused on "the sense of certainty-finding the fulcrum in chaos " with 100 pages of PPT, summarizing 2019 2020 , look at the trend from the cycle, find a positive mentality in chaos, and find a way to the future.

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The event invited Meng Yan , the Deputy Dean of the Digital Asset Research Institute and the founder of the Token Thinking Lab, Tao Rongqi , the founder of X-Order, a partner of NGC Ventures, and Lu Yifan , the general manager of the blockchain business of Ping An Finance. On the same stage, from the perspectives of industry insights, value explorers, and industry practitioners, the three dimensions of industry, finance, and industry were analyzed three-dimensionally with the penetration of thought and profound insight.

At the same time, there were 378 super listeners from 44 physical industries around the world, most of whom were the core management of the enterprise. They stood out among the more than 1,000 registered guests. At the junction of the old and new years, they thought deeply and listened together.

Tang Xialing: talk through 2019, "Ling Listening" 2020

At the beginning of the speech, Tang Xialing explained why she chose “Sense of Certainty” as the theme. She believes that a lot of anxiety comes from uncertainty. Each one's certainty and uncertainty constitute our specific and trivial life every day. In an era of uncertainty, to find some sense of certainty in chaos and find the anchor of value in everyone's heart, this is the original intention of this New Year's speech.


Data + events, a panoramic scan of the blockchain industry in 2019

• The current market value of bitcoin has reached around USD 130 billion, and if it is an analog company, bitcoin can enter the global top 100 .

• The cumulative total of 10 years of global blockchain investment is roughly equivalent to the investment volume of the Chinese Internet market in a quarter .

• The industry is small, but the prospect is great; there are few investment targets, and there is a lot of room for growth; all parts of the world are being deployed, and listed companies have begun to appear.

• In a big age and history, everyone is a witness and a builder. Review of the top ten news events of 2019 :

1) Admission to traditional financial institutions such as JP Morgan Chase and Fidelity

2) The rise of DeFi

3) Libra releases white paper

4) The central bank's digital currency DC / EP is ready

5) The CPC Central Committee issued an important speech on blockchain

6) Jia Nan Yunzhi goes public

7) The rise of privacy technology

8) Alliance chain welcomes spring

9) The rise of industrial blockchain

10) Regulators from many places have spoken: Take the right path of the blockchain and stay away from virtual currency speculation

Big factory layout, how does blockchain change life?

1. Blockchain panorama of Dachang layout:


2. The layout of large factories has three characteristics:

1) Three steps in the layout of the big factory: do the underlying protocol, do BaaS, and apply

2) Technical service + cloud service, 2-3 teams explore together

3) Starting from the stock capacity, applying a different play on the ground

3. Weizhong Bank: Open source is like a streak. It opens the technical threshold and the psychological threshold.

Believe in the power of the market, trust in the power of others, and commit yourself. Open source, throw the code out, and trust can come back.

4. Ant Financial: Blockchain is the most ideal technical solution to "solve trust issues"

The ant core asks three questions : What is the first problem to be solved? Second, is it necessary to use a blockchain? Third, where is the business loop? Can solve practical problems, it will inevitably bring practical value, only by solving the fundamental problems, it is possible to bring lasting value.

5. In the technological innovation of the blockchain, the big factory is now like a "flexible fat man" .

Change has never happened overnight. It is a high-level productivity replacement for another. Under the current circumstances, the alliance chain should be the most effective way to achieve this. Large companies have relatively strong competitiveness in terms of resources, technology, and expert talents, and have not yet reached the stage where it is difficult to make a U-turn. At this stage, the big factory is more like a flexible fat man in terms of blockchain technology innovation.

6. The Babbitt industrial blockchain does three things: training , consulting services , and technical solutions .

"Census": Blockchain Stock Talent and Wealth View

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the main force for recruiting blockchain posts; military talent gaps are large, and compound talents are scarce.

• The majority of highly educated mature professionals. The technology category is the main one, and the sales category has not yet been measured.

• Early-stage companies encountered mature talents to test management wisdom.


• The coin circle is a place where wealth is made, and most people are the ones who make others rich.

• Blockchain wealth concept has nothing to do with wealth , but the value standard of everyone's heart.

• Wealth in the form of money is just a digital reward for all your effort and effort .

• Don't lose money by luck.

• Our society is moving from a super organization to an era of "super individuals ."

Trend judgment, what do you need to pay attention to in 2020?

1. In what position to monitor? Don't send email at the post office

Innovation is never the result of the top floor design nestled in a small room, but the result of market practice. Don't go for horseback riding in the days when cars are flying fast, and don't post invoices in post offices when you can use email.

2. What is the posture to embrace supervision? Dodging? Kneeling? Stand up!

Rather than dodging and kneeling, we should choose to stand, raise our heads, raise our chests, and tell the world your point of view. Become a builder, not a bystander, in a stance of a builder, possessively, earnestly, actively, and practically.

3. There are three trends worth paying attention to in 2020: data, regulatory sandbox, and license .

China has upgraded the data to the seventh largest factor of production. Recent developments in the regulatory sandbox around the world, including in China, may provide some reference for future trends. Licenses may be the first step towards standardization.

4. Project realization capability will become a key competitiveness.

From code to software, from software to productization, product commercialization, and then a series of commercial operations, it is a long and complicated process. Regardless of the public chain or the alliance chain, in the next year, the ability to realize projects will become a key competitiveness.

5. Industry is more important than blockchain.

Industrial blockchains need to rely on two forces: Internet giants + large traditional industries. The big Internet companies are already in the process. In the next 2020, larger-scale changes will happen in the industry and in the scene. In 2020, the industry will be more important than blockchain.


Imagine the future, how can we grasp the times of the times?

1. Today, are you γ201 ?

In the speech, Tang Xialing used an academic model to show the cause behind the "Gartner curve". Γ201 represents the influence of senior practitioners on potential users. The larger the peak, the higher the peak in the γ201 technology maturity curve and the higher the valley . It can be said that γ201 determines the true value of emerging technologies .

2. Those who are interested in the blockchain are the value chassis of the blockchain .

Migratory bird players, a rush of wind comes fast and goes fast. To find people who truly recognize the value of the blockchain. To go longer.

3. Bring your curiosity and courage and go for a small chance with a high probability .

In the field of blockchain, there are no authoritative experts, no indisputable definitions, no previous experience for reference, and everyone is an adventurer in the unknown world, exploring the boundaries of the dark world. The new year is coming, and every friend is invited: bring your curiosity and courage, and go to a small success with high probability.

Meng Yan: Blockchain is a "trust machine" that creates "integrity zones"

Meng Yan, the Deputy Dean of the Digital Asset Research Institute and the initiator of the Token Thinking Lab, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Upgrading and Challenges of the Digital Economy." In November this year, Deputy Prime Minister Liu He proposed that data should be used as a new factor of production. Data has a "multiplier" effect, which helps to realize the value of other factors. Data must be confirmed in order to be open, shared, and traded, so data assetization and data asset trading are imperative.

vbox11121_CHT_9731_201533_small Meng Yan believes that data will change the logic of economic growth, and the marketization of production factors will lead to data assetization. However, there are still some challenges before data becomes a factor of production. The advantages of traditional centralized solutions are simplicity, efficiency, and maturity. However, they also have problems such as high risks, closed monopolies, distortion of data prices, and ambiguity of data property rights. Blockchain is a technical contract system that provides a fair, transparent and automated implementation of the constraint system guarantee for contracts.

Meng Yan pointed out that the blockchain is a set of methods and mechanisms for solving problems, and it is also a "trust machine" that creates a "integrity zone . " Distributed bookkeeping guarantees that cryptographic digital objects (tokens) cannot be copied and have clear ownership; responsive data integration ensures that data property rights are clear; cross-validation guarantees that the data is authentic and credible; incentives and trading systems can price data assets.

Tao Rongqi: Web + stable coin + smart contract is the starting point

Tao Rongqi, the founder of X-Order and a partner of NGC Ventures, pointed out in the keynote "Open Finance: An Important Application of Blockchain" that open finance is based on distributed ledger finance . Open and inclusive ecology. The Crypto market is open finance, but the United States has now achieved control over regulatory power, financial support, entrepreneurship & technology, pricing power, pricing power, and currency derivatives. In the eyes of Americans, there is no sandbox; Americans only stare at the market.


He believes that the right to settlement is a field of life and death, and the currency war is the war on settlement rights. In development finance, the largest rival of the US dollar is the stablecoin, which is the focus of the game of big powers . Libra's real advantage is that it may become a dollar substitute in the open financial world. Its real significance is that all Internet applications will become part of open finance.

The essence of finance is a self-proliferating middleman. Finance is a fierce horse, which brings economic vitality at the same time as self-proliferation, but becomes cancerous cells without self-proliferation. Excessive proliferation will lead to excessive transaction costs, making transaction costs as a middleman higher than social transaction costs. The so-called "departure from reality" refers to the fact that the cost of the intermediary is less than the income of both parties to the transaction, and it is necessary to suppress speculative transactions or increase real transactions . Therefore, finance should serve more value creation. Facebook + Libra + Move is equivalent to Web + stable currency + smart contract, which is also the starting point for the blockchain to get rid of reality.

Lu Yifan: "Dividing the chain" is equivalent to recreating data islands, making the blockchain no longer valuable.

Lu Yifan, general manager of the blockchain business of Ping An Finance One Account, said in his speech that the value of blockchain lies in breaking data silos and making data traceable, penetrable and verifiable. However, traditional blockchains still have many problems in terms of data privacy and network security. Privacy protection schemes such as trusted computing, hash on-chain, and encryption on-chain all achieve privacy protection by sacrificing the value of the blockchain. Meaningless. vbox13126_0P4A2317_212213_small

Lu Yifan pointed out that if the blockchain is broken into many sub-chains in order to protect privacy, it is actually equivalent to re-manufacturing data islands , greatly reducing performance, severely affecting the expansion of the blockchain, and eventually it will become a way to eliminate the value of the blockchain. Weapon. Ping An Finance One Account uses a full encryption framework and a 3D zero-knowledge system to realize the value of "shared" data without the "shared" data, and to resolve the contradiction between data utilization and privacy protection.

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