Preview | 2050 Freshman Forum: Building a Smart City on the Blockchain

From April 26th to 28th, a reunion for the encounter of young people from all over the world – 2050 will be held in Yunqi Town. At the 2050 conference, Babbitt will jointly organize a new forum for the theme of “Building a Smart City on the Blockchain” in conjunction with the Zinc Link. The forum was co-sponsored by Zhuang Link co-founder Gong Haihan and Babbitt Accelerator co-founder Hu Mengdi, and invited Zhan Yuefei, co-founder of Zinc Link, and Su Xiaokang, head of application development of Weizhong Bank blockchain, and Ma Qianli, vice president of Babbitt. Conflux Research Director Yang Guang, Changbo Information Security Lab Chief Scientist Tang Bo, and Digital Renaissance Foundation Director Cao Yu and other guests discussed the topics of “data, privacy, urban development, digital identity”. Activity time: April 27th, 9:00-12:00, venue: 203, 2nd Floor, Building 2, Yunqi Town, Hangzhou