MetaMask lead developer denies ConsenSys does not provide adequate support for Metamask

According to Cointelegraph, MetaMask lead developer Daniel Finlay denied Metamask contributor Lazardis' Reddit post about "Metamask did not get the required support from ConsenSys and the team was at a loss" and said "we did a good job." Finlay said that Lazardis is just a contributor, but he claims to be a member of the MetaMask team. Because of these concerns, Finlay plans to block Lazardis from its GitHub organization. Finlay said the post's "overall inflammatory and warning nature" forced the MetaMask team to no longer work with this person. While acknowledging that many of the insights provided by Lazardis are fair, including a rewards program and the urgency of migrating to TypeScript, Finlay has steadfastly rejected his panicked general idea, emphasizing that the team is seeing solid progress. Finlay emphasized that both ConsenSys and founder Joe Lubin will continue to contribute to the project. "We love what we do and Consensys allows us to continue doing it! Frankly, we are very grateful to Consensys and Joe for continuing to develop ecosystem support tools such as MetaMask, Truffle, Infura, GitCoin, Bounties Network.