The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security joins hands with Tencent to build innovative applications for social security cards, relying on blockchain and other technologies and capabilities for security

According to China News Network, on December 27, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and 11 Internet companies and financial institutions such as Tencent signed a cooperation agreement on innovative application services for social security cards in Beijing. In recent years, Tencent has actively participated in the work of electronic social security card services, providing technical support for the digital upgrade of local government services. The achievement of this cooperation will further promote the government's ability to serve the people's livelihood, realize the social security card's efficient and convenient security services, and protect cardholders' rights and interests. In terms of security, with the help of blockchain, security, credit and other technologies and capabilities, the two parties will jointly strengthen user information security construction and personal privacy protection, ensure data security, transaction security, capital security and network security, and assist national social security card related businesses. successfully launch.