Qu Qiang, Renmin University of China: Academics do not currently advocate the immediate application of digital currencies to the domestic market

According to China Business Daily, Qu Qiang, assistant to the director of the Institute of International Monetary Studies at Renmin University of China, said that in fact, the academic world does not currently advocate the digital currency to be applied to the domestic market, and the central bank is also very cautious, because this is a no-one The way. Will the issuance of digital currencies cause a decline in currency multipliers? What to do about affecting credit currency? Many issues need to be resolved. At present, it is more realistic to use digital currencies for cross-border payments. Overseas, digital currencies can be used to bypass Western-dominated financial transfer systems. Among them, the role of digital currency is similar to cross-border bookkeeping vouchers, which is a more secure application of digital currency. The issuance of legal digital currencies by the central bank will surely guarantee the stable operation of commercial banks.