Viewpoint: Some users of Visa and Mastercard cannot use normally during the Christmas holiday. Blockchain has inherent advantages over bank cards

According to, before and after the Christmas holiday, the crypto ecosystem was relatively stable, but the fiat currency payment system failed, and Visa and Mastercard users complained that the card could not be used normally before Christmas. According to DownDetector data, both systems experienced outages on December 24. During the period, most Visa error reports in the United States involved payments and ATM transactions. There was also a service outage on December 20. Most cases occurred in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Russian Visa dismissed the interruption report, saying that Visa cards worked as usual. Some users have stated that they are having trouble activating their Visa prepaid or gift card. According to the rules, it can take up to 24 hours for the funds to appear on the card. In some cases, this did not materialize even after waiting for more than a day, and the client had to file a claim with the publisher to get the funds. Others have encountered problems trying to spend the balance through a third-party payment processor. The article states that Bitcoin skeptics, when comparing traditional fiat currency-based payment systems with decentralized networks, made an argument that traditional payment systems process more transactions than the blockchain (thousands per second pen). Although cryptocurrencies still have a large gap in scalability, they also have some indisputable advantages compared to bank cards: the ability to pay peer-to-peer without the interference of third parties, guaranteeing immediate and unaffected Obstructing access to funding. In addition, cryptocurrency enthusiasts can also get gift cards.