Review 2019 | 100 Blockchain High-Quality Articles (Part 2)

Source: Satoshi Shinmoto

For many cryptocurrency investors, 2019 is a sad year. Although this year, there are some cryptocurrency projects with dazzling currency prices (BTC as a hedging asset in the first half, IEO's platform coin detonated, XTZ and ATOM of the Staking economy) , Defi's SNX, King of Cooperation and Memecoin represent LINK, but most of the mainstream or non-mainstream currencies have fallen to new lows due to the weakness in the second half of the year.

This year is known as many years. Some people say that this year is the year of PoS and staking. Coinbase and Binance have begun to fully support the pledged economy. Some people say this year is the year of Defi. The value of Defi locked on Ethereum has repeatedly broken new highs. Some people say that this year is the year of DAO, MolochDAO leads the trend of DAO; others say that this year is a cross-chain year. The ecology of Boca and Cosmos has brought new attention to the market. This year's currency price may be a sad year, but the stories and foundations of various themes are constantly changing and trying new things. After a few years, when we look back, this may be a sad year and a turning year.

This article is a selection and summary of high-quality foreign blockchain and cryptocurrency articles in 2019, to record, review and explore our developments this year. What is the focus of the international currency circle in this year? Don't forget your original intention and move forward.

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July | "ETH is Money"! Ethereum wants to bring Bitcoin into the Defi ecosystem

50) Bringing Bitcoin into Ethereum

Time: July 2, 2019 Author: David Hoffman Category: encryption Economics Reason: the "ETH is Money" this narrative to a climax with Meme

Summary: Open Finance will create a one-way process from BTC to Ethereum, and open finance will have a great appeal for Bitcoin. When someone can trust to receive a loan secured by BTC, or pay interest based on the BTC you provide, the value of Ethereum BTC (EBTC) will be higher than BBTC. BBTC will be a static asset because EBTC can earn interest or use it in other ways. The dormant BBTC may also migrate to Ethereum and borrow Compound, DYDX or Dharma in order to obtain loan interest with unlimited potential.

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51) Analysis of the Three Trending Strategies of the Essence of the Cryptocurrency Market

Time: July 8, 2019 Author: Adaptive Analyse Category: valuation theory Reason: three strategies to outperform the Bitcoin

Summary: Three trend-based strategies are proposed that will outperform Bitcoin in the long run. 1) Annual average price momentum strategy: At the end of each month, if the price of Bitcoin is higher than the average price of the past year, you maintain or enter a long position. If it is just below the average price of the past year, please convert to fiat currency; 2) 200 SMA momentum strategy: buy when the price of Bitcoin exceeds its 200-day moving average and sell when the price exceeds its downward; 3) Altcoins BTC momentum strategy: This strategy is based on the idea that in a trend market, if altcoins outperform the market in a given month, they are more likely to outperform the market next month.

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52) zk-SNARKs: Advanced Introduction

Time: July 18, 2019 Author: klmcd Category: privacy / scalability Reason: male chain love zk-SNARKs

Summary: zk-SNARK is a powerful encryption tool that provides a new approach to data privacy and authentication. But what is zk-SNARK? This getting started manual introduces zk-SNARK and explains why they are so important in a blockchain environment.

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August | DCR Enters Anonymous Coin, Defi Emphasizes "Combinability"

53) The future of decentralized finance

Time: August 7, 2019 Author: Linda Xie Category: Defi Reason: start digging Defi's "composability"

Summary: One of the most unique aspects of DeFi is composability. Protocols can be inserted into each other like Lego toys and create entirely new content. There is even the idea that collateral is being transferred to a different system called hyper-liquidity. There will be more platforms where users can deposit funds and then borrow the highest interest rate DeFi protocol (such as MetaMoneyMarket), so users do not have to manage it themselves. Users will also be able to customize various settings. For example, you can set a maximum X% loan amount for a single agreement to reduce smart contract risk, only loan to a specific agreement list, return the funds if the interest rate is lower than Y%, or choose to switch from a different stablecoin (such as USDC to DAI ), Depending on which one is cheaper / more favorable.

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54) How is decentralization enough? Take DAO as an example

Time: August 9, 2019 Author: Mohamed Fouda Category: Basic universal Reason: proposed DAO is an important tool to improve the Defi

Summary: DAO may be the main tool to further improve the decentralization of DeFi products. DAO enables DeFi users to make major decisions, and the DeFi protocol will eventually need to make decisions between delegating control to DAO in order to truly decentralize. In addition to improving the distribution of control over current DeFi products on Ethereum, DAOs can also play an important role in bringing DeFi to Bitcoin. Many possible ways to use Bitcoin in DeFi depend on creating a sidechain (such as Liquid from Blockstream) or creating a Bitcoin peg on another blockchain such as Ethereum (such as WBTC or Cosmos). The problem with this approach is the centralization of nail validator selection. By using DAO, participants can decide who will act as a validator, which can greatly improve the problem. DAO participants can also be rewarded for expenses incurred in the anchor area to motivate them to work honestly.

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55) Investigate the pattern of privacy coins

Time: August 21, 2019 Author: JAKE YOCOM-PIATT Category: privacy Reason: anonymous currency market in the second half of the survey report

Summary: When Decred announced the deployment of privacy features in the second half of the year, it summarized a market survey of the anonymous coin market. Explain various privacy technologies and motivations, and compare the pros and cons of the various projects and technologies they use. All are a comprehensive comparison.

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56) WBTC vs. TBTC

Time: August 26, 2019 Author: Lucas Campbell Category: Defi Reason: Bitcoin brought the two Ethernet Square representation science project

Summary: In 2019, we mainly saw two systems that introduced BTC to the Ethereum network. These systems are wBTC and more recently TBTC. The biggest advantage of WBTC is the first-mover advantage, allowing any deposit size and the shortest lock-up period. The disadvantage is that it must pass KYC / AML. The biggest benefit of TBTC is the elimination of trust in the overall system. The disadvantages are the 6-month lockout requirement and strict restrictions on the size of Bitcoin deposits.

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57) Re-examining cross-chain infrastructure

Time: August 27, 2019 Author: Synthetix Category: Defi Reason: At present, only Ethernet authors propose a public square for Defi chain development

Brief introduction: The author developed the Defi project based on the lessons of his own blood and tears (from Ethereum to EOS), and concluded that other than Ethereum, the development of Defi on other platforms is immature. Reasons include composability, tools, talent, capital allocation, and network effects.

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58) Cryptocurrency Economic Policy

Time: August 27, 2019 Author: Messari Category: encryption Economics Selected reasons: economic policy monetary encryption is essential to study the valuation of a ring

Introduction: classify and measure various aspects of the supply of cryptocurrencies: the method of issuance (which defines how the first batch of tokens are issued and issued.); The initial supply (which defines how many tokens were originally issued, and how These tokens are distributed among different stakeholders.) Emission type (defines the monetary policy for issuing new tokens for a given crypto asset.) Supply cap (defines whether the supply of crypto assets is capped or capless), Then, by studying the top 80 ranked cryptocurrencies, analyze various metrics of cryptocurrency economic policies.

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59) Decred Privacy Program

Time: August 28, 2019 Author: JAKE YOCOM-PIATT Category: privacy Reason: New privacy program CoinShuffle ++

Brief introduction: Decred's privacy solution is a more interesting hot spot in the field of privacy in the second half of the year. Otherwise, there will be very few topics about anonymous coins in the year after work. It cannot be said that Decred's scheme, CoinShuffle ++, is amazing, but it is the most comprehensive and Decred's. This article explains why Decred chose CoinShuffle ++ and some of its implementation principles.

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September | 26 DAI Derivatives Rethinking Privacy as a Feature or Product

60) Bitcoin in the Age of Deflation

Time: September 4, 2019 Author: Kevin Virgil Category: encryption Economics Reason: In the short term the message, the medium term costs, long term money.

Summary: Once in the deflation era, deflation reduces the need for inflation hedging. In a deflationary world, investors denominated in dollars or euros are not worried about inflation in the base currency, and holdings of assets such as gold or bitcoin will decrease. However, the negative interest rate policy (NIRP) has increased demand for cash alternatives. Stablecoins will benefit from this, and most altcoins will return to zero. The development momentum of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) will be greatly accelerated.

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61) The meaning of cryptocurrency

Time: September 11, 2019 Author: Erik Category: People Narrative Reason: explain what the predecessor of encryption and encryption currency

Summary: Explore the meaning of encryption in cryptocurrencies by starting from the ancient word meaning and expanding to the history before Bitcoin. Encryption is the entire historical ark of the past 2500 years, where the written term κρυπτός has been used alone as a strategy for self-protection through hiding. Encryption is about the power of privacy, and the power of decryption when information cannot be verified and guaranteed by the law of anyone and everyone.

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62) DAI Family: Various DAI

Time: September 14, 2019 Author: Kyle J Kistner Category: Defi selected reasons: one kind of lists 26 kinds of derivatives DAI

Summary: Driven by the endless creativity of the Ethereum community, we are experiencing an explosive growth of new product portfolios. It feels impossible to keep up with all the new projects released every day. This article shares more than 20 DAI derivative projects.

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63) Defining Ether as an Asset

Time: September 20, 2019 Author: David Hoffman Category: encryption Economics Reason: second half of the best Ethernet Fang Wen milk

Summary: The basic value proposition of Ethereum. We need to increase the price of Ethereum, so we can use more funds for more financial platforms. This means that as Open-Finance becomes more useful, Ether's price should expand at the same time to accommodate demand. The higher Open-Finance's demand for ETH, the better the equity ratio of ETH. All in all, these two forces have driven the price of ETH to increase the bandwidth of the ether in open finance and the security mechanisms that support the open financial economy.

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64) An Interpretation of LAO: Building a Silicon Valley on the Blockchain

Time: September 23, 2019 Author: The LAO Category: block chain management Reason: DAO 2.0?

Introduction: The core of LAO is the resurrection of DAO (this is the first major experiment on Ethereum). This article mainly addresses some of the questions and responses to LAO when LAO first came out.

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65) Privacy is a feature, not a product provided by itself

Time: September 24, 2019 Author: Ryan Gentry Category: privacy Reason: Implications for privacy, the depth of thinking in the second half

Summary: Privacy is a feature of a valuable cryptocurrency, not a product provided by itself. Users do not have to assume balance sheet risk for lower value, less secure cryptocurrencies (for example, by selling some BTC or ETH for ZEC) to achieve privacy. This article will argue that universal platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum have provided enough privacy guarantees for most users and no longer need a niche-focused blockchain.

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66) About compatibility and composability within Ethereum

Time: September 25, 2019 Author: Linda Xie Category: valuation model selected reasons: combination and compatibility of our new products will bring the next generation

Summary: Within Ethereum, protocols and applications can be easily plugged into and combined with each other to create completely new content from the start. This is sometimes called "Lego bricks" in the community. It may even be an entirely new concept, impossible in the traditional world, and not just a decentralized replica of our existing assets. Compatibility with NFT or dApps combinations can produce unexpected products.

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October | Defi and Cefi will eventually fight and merge

71) Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs guide

Time: October 5, 2019 Author: Haseeb Qureshi Category: financing Reason: encryption currency entrepreneur reading

Brief introduction: The cryptocurrency entrepreneur's guide written by Haseeb Qureshi, a partner of Dragonfly Capital, shares many suggestions he summarized as a VC in communicating with many entrepreneurs. Build something! Get users! Hire great people! repeat!

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72) Bitcoin security and block reward decline model

Time: October 10, 2019 Author: Hasu Category: valuation theory Reason: decline of mining reward will in the future pose a significant risk

Summary: The biggest threat to Bitcoin security is more in the protocol itself than any external attacker. The mining experience plan is falling as part of Bitcoin's fixed emissions plan, which will lead to a reduction in miners' commitments. If there is no strong block space market, the decline in block rewards will pose major risks in the future.

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73) The three transformation directions of Ethereum and the four courtyard pillars of the moat

Time: October 12, 2019 Author: Joseph Lubin Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: anonymous survey in the second half of the currency market

Introduction: Joseph Lupin, founder of Consensye, gave a speech at the Osaka Blockchain Week in Japan, mainly on Ethereum. The point about the Ethereum moat is good. Post-2015 agreements must have four pillars: 1) tokens must be issued broadly and fairly; 2) the community must remain engaged, vibrant, and grow over time. One way to achieve this is to enable the tokens held by the community to appreciate. Incidental note: the community must also attract a large number of the best and smartest developers and entrepreneurs; 3) the project must introduce sufficient funds so that it can be delivered, maintained and continuously improved; 4) finally, this is a new challenge: the The project must meet regulatory requirements. That's right, the SEC has become a moat for Ethereum.

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74) Has Ethereum decided to Defi? Or will they lose to these new competitors

Time: October 19, 2019 Author: Mohamed Fouda Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: who is capable of competing in the future in Defi and Ethernet Square

Summary: The author compares the current status and advantages and disadvantages of each public chain with potential and Ethereum competing on Defi. The richness of the Ethereum development tools and the maturity of the Ethereum infrastructure allow developers to transform DeFi products from pure ideas into viable products in a relatively short period of time. EOS, Tezos and other Ethereum competitors currently lack the same factors. As a result, the gap between Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem and its competing alternatives has widened. Companies that are just beginning to target some of these competing protocols have also gradually increased their support for Ethereum to benefit from the growing DeFi ecosystem.

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75) Overview of cryptocurrency wallet pattern

Time: October 23, 2019 Author: Richard Chen Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: Money wallet encryption will appear unicorn future

Summary: Wallets are the key infrastructure of cryptocurrencies. Every crypto behavior (whether it is buying or selling cryptocurrency, holding cryptocurrency, sending cryptocurrency, pledged cryptocurrency, etc.) depends on the wallet in some way. Just as a web browser is a gateway to the Web2 Internet, a wallet is also a gateway to Web3. Given its importance, the crypto wallet business has so far received nearly $ 400 million in funding, of which Ledger ($ 88 million), Blockchain ($ 70 million), BRD ($ 54 million) and Abra ($ 35.5 million) have raised Most funds

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76) PoolTogether and other funding models for funding applications

Time: October 28, 2019 Author: David Hoffman Category: financing Reason: lossless lottery has brought new ways of financing, non-destructive ICO

Summary: PoolTogether is a "lossless lottery". It works like a lottery, but if you don't win, you will return the money to you, and the prize pool bonus comes from the profit interest on Staking or Defi borrowing. And such a model brings a new way of financing, non-destructive ICO.

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77) Cefi and Defi will eventually fight and merge

Time: October 31, 2019 Author: Ryan Sean Adams Category: Defi Reason: Defi and Cefi future will be more and more like, move closer to each other

Summary: With the development of Defi and Cefi, the boundaries will become increasingly blurred. Defi will become more like Cefi, Cefi will become more like Defi, such as Binance launching DEX. Defi and Cefi They compete with each other but can also help each other.

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November | Introducing Decentralized Brands, Cryptocurrency Public Goods Economics

78) Network effects in blockchain games: content is still king

Time: November 1, 2019 Author: Dmitriy Berenzon Category: Block Chaining game Reason: dishes with rice, block chain can do now to support the game

Summary: People play games because they are fun, not because they are built on the blockchain. This means that the barrier to success is high, because competition is not just about smart contract platforms, but also about beautifully designed AAA games on powerful hardware. Decentralization is the purpose, not the way! Make games that provide the best content based on existing performance, instead of moving things to the blockchain.

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79) Introduce the concept of decentralized brand

Time: November 2, 2019 Author: Other Internet Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: Bitcoin is a decentralized successful brand

Brief introduction: Traditionally, brands are usually planned and designed directly by companies, but the rise of online media has challenged the consistency of centralized brand identity. A new type of blockchain-based decentralized organization takes this step further by providing users with economic motivation to spread their brand narratives. The article proposes the concept of a decentralized brand to explain community-driven brands for projects without a centralized management organization dynamic. Some elements of the decentralized brand's entire life cycle from formation to adoption, and propose strategies to maintain brand coherence.

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80) Cryptocurrencies are modern alchemy

Time: 11 November 2019 Author: Meltem Demirors Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: encryption currency now is a pseudo-science

Introduction: Alchemy began with a pseudoscience, and some areas of inquiry (such as materials research) became primitive sciences, that is, chemistry, and have now become a branch of science. Cryptocurrencies are largely pseudoscience, and most "crypto industries" today are still in the pseudoscience phase. I also think that "cryptography" usually covers a wide range of ideas and may need to be further subdivided, just as alchemy is a broad field of study until it is further refined into unique science, pseudoscience, and religion / mystic .

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81) Introduction to Token Economics and Incentive Mechanism Design

Time: 13 November 2019 Author: Richard Li Category: encryption Economics Reason: History and Innovation token Economics

Introduction: The four generations of token economics: the first generation: a simple, direct S-curve driven by speculation and transaction volume, which can be said to be zero sum: the inflow of value (such as mining equipment, operating costs, etc.) equals the foundry The output value of the coin (derived from speculation). The supply of tokens can be restricted by holding tokens and reducing the speed of token release. Second generation: introduced new mechanisms to try to create more stickiness (reduce churn) and more stakeholder interactions. Smart contract protocols and hybrids such as Ethereum (currently PoW), EOS (Proof of Stake, PoS) and other mechanisms use mechanisms such as governance and mortgage rewards to reduce token speed. The third generation: using two or more attributes; the fourth generation: the fourth generation token economic framework is purely an ideological activity. I think the fourth-generation mechanism represents both the expansion and optimization of the third-generation mechanism, and the bridge between traditional equity and assets into the ecosystem (not securities tokens).

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82) Open Source Movement: From Community to Commercialization

Time: October 14, 2019 Author: Peter Levine and Jennifer Li Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: the commercialization of the open source movement inspired

Summary: The Source Software (OSS) movement has created some of our most important and widely used technologies, including operating systems, web browsers, and databases. Without open source software, our world would not work, or at least not function properly. This article is an introduction to the origin and development of the open source movement by a16z, and guides how the open source movement embraces and moves towards commercialization.

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83) The success of altcoins has nothing to do with technology, it depends on marketing

Time: 14 November 2019 Author: Jimmy Song Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: Bitcoin old cannon Jimmy Song tell you useless technology

Summary: Altcoin is a different story. They all lack one major innovation that Bitcoin has: decentralization. This means that altcoins are fundamentally different from Bitcoin and closer to fiat currencies. The central point of their failure can and has been used by outside parties to influence or even control. So why does altcoin have a price / value? Will altcoins add valuable new technological features? Do their buyers want to take the path of decentralization? What made Litecoin successful, and its early, very similar cousin Fairbrix failed? Why do tokens like IxCoin fail and tokens like Ethereum succeed? What are the reasons for these relative successes and failures? Jimmy Song believes that everything lies in marketing.

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84) Cryptocurrency public goods

Time: November 2019 Author: Richard Red Category: block chain management Reason: This is a book, one of the best book block chain management, introduced many governance projects

Introduction: A book written by Decred's community manager, which treats cryptocurrencies as open source public goods, introduces the governance methods of many projects, and is worth saving.

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85) Network effects in the open financial world

Time: 26 November 2019 Author: Ivan Martinez Category: Defi Reason: Defi eco-end report, combined with the early look better

Introduction: Financial operations through DAI-Expenditure / Profit-(Send Transaction);-Borrow / Loan-(Compound, MakerDao);-Exchange-(Uniswap, Kyber);-For Interest-(Compound, PoolTogether); -Collateral-(MakerDao);-Savings-(Compound, Dharma);-Trading-(Kyber, OasisDex, IDEX);-Leveraged Trading-(dy / dx, Synthetix).

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December | Beware of the ultra-mobile risks brought by Defi, Web3 moves forward

86) Ethereum: Anti-fragile Hydra

Time: December 2, 2019 Author: Anthony Bertolino Category: People Narrative Reason: These ten times kill Ethernet Square crisis, let him become more powerful

Introduction: Ethereum has transformed from a technology to a completely new organism, which was driven by the community and transformed into a Hydra. The author lists ten historical twists in Ethereum. Among the ten challenges, it has become increasingly anti-fragile and has become more and more powerful. This article is a good tutorial on Ethereum history.

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87) Innovation in Bitcoin Technology Stack

Time: December 3, 2019 Author: Lucas Nuzzi Category: Currency Guide Reason: the new stack frame is good

Introduction: The updated version of the Bitcoin stack map is more comprehensive and cutting-edge.

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88) Ten-year History of Blockchain (Five-minute Quick Tour)

Time: December 3, 2019 Author: Consensys Category: People Narrative Reason: Square Ethernet version of the block chain decade Glance

Introduction: Since the creation of Bitcoin, there have been incredible highs and corresponding lows for more than a decade, due to the development of blockchain technology and the continuous recognition of its potential. As this decade approaches, it is a good time to review the development of blockchain over the past decade. This technology has evolved from a digital currency worth only a few cents to an emerging pillar of the global economic system and is still in its infancy.

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89) Messari: Cryptocurrency Paper in 2020

Time: December 4, 2019 Author: Messari Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: Messari 2020 forecast

Summary: Compared to the 19-year forecast one year ago, Messari's forecast for the coming year is much more detailed. And it also has a lot of list colors. Consider the research foundation for the next ten years. They believe that there will be 120 people, companies and themes that define Bitcoin, Ethereum and the next ten years. The characters and narratives you should pay attention to. The company is bound to have the biggest impact. In this small cryptocurrency, major trends in infrastructure, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, etc. This gives you all the knowledge you need to enter the next (or decade) of cryptocurrency.

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90) Defi's illiquidity and bank run risk

Time: December 9, 2019 Author: Alethio Category: Defi Reason: through complex financial perspective, the emerging ecosystem of defi risk analyzes.

Summary: Compound users should be fully aware of the risks associated with diversified loans. These include: smart contract security risks; governance / protocol risks (including the risk of leaked administrator keys); liquidity / bank run risks; credit risks, etc. This article focuses on the third risk and conducts an empirical analysis to examine the moment of liquidity risk in the composite currency market.

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91) Finance 2.0: A Blockchain Letter from Pantera

Time: December 11, 2019 Author: Pantera Capital Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: year-end finishing and summary of Pantera

Introduction: A Defi article written by Pantera. They wrote a great Open finance article at the beginning of the year. Maybe they plan to come to a conclusion at the end of the year? Some research data summarized at the end of the article is not bad. At the beginning of this year, three major obstacles facing cryptocurrencies and Defi were mentioned: scalability; fiat entry; and nascent infrastructure. Scalability and fiat entry have made tremendous progress over the past year, but infrastructure improvements may be developing at a slower pace. The expectation is that change will take about 5 years to materialize.

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92) Web3 Stack, 2019 Edition

Time: December 13, 2019 Author: Kyle Samani Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: Kyle King institutions milk industry stack of Web3 update

Summary: Kyle wrote a Web3 stack in 18 years. This is his 19th update. The most significant difference between the 2018 and 2019 versions is that the 2018 version does a poor job of showing the heterogeneity of the Web3 stack. . When the 2018 version was released in July 2018, no smart contract chains were running except Ethereum. Today, Ethereum, EOS, Tezos and Cosmos are all developing ecosystems, while smaller communities are formed around upcoming chains such as Kadena, Polkadot, Near, Solana, Dfinity, Tari and Coda. Obviously, the Web3 ecosystem is becoming increasingly heterogeneous. A year ago, developers didn't have to think about which chain to build, because there was only one choice. Nowadays, a large number of options bring great complexity to the teams that build protocols and services on the existing chain, as well as new teams entering cryptocurrencies.

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93) Defi seems to have known each other

Time: December 13, 2019 Author: Mario Laul Category: Defi Reason: Defi familiar, many times in the last stock market crash and financial crisis have seen a similar shadow

Brief introduction: In the historical development of finance, there are important models. The most notable are the systemic crises related to the collapse of asset prices or income streams and the repeated interaction between financial innovation and regulation. Understanding these relationships can help architects of an open, automated crypto financial service called DeFi to assess potential risks and prepare for different economic and regulatory scenarios. This article highlights some relevant historical precedents and considers the potential long-term impact of this latest wave of financial innovation. ;

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94) Ethereum's DETH will make ETH ultra liquid

Time: December 13, 2019 Author: Dan Elitzer Category: Defi Reason: Ethernet alert Square superfluidity of a repeat of the subprime financial crisis of traditional

Introduction: DETH can be considered as "Deposit ETH", or DeFi ETH (because it may become the main form of ETH used in DeFi). The author's point of view is that DETH may make Staking and the Ethereum network's ETH hyper-liquidated. Suppose you own Ethereum, and you plan to hold it for a long time, and you must participate in Defi lending or staking. So how do you do both (that is, participate in Staking and Defi)? Tokenize Staking assets and earnings through Defi, and then put them into Defi. As a local asset of DeFi, ETH may have become hyper-liquid.

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95) 5 predictions for DeFi in 2020

Time: December 16, 2019 Author: Roy Learner Category: Defi Reason: Wave Financial forecast for the coming year five of Defi

Brief: Wave Financial ’s five predictions for Defi in the coming year: 1) the market value of stablecoins will exceed $ 15 billion; 2) 2. interoperability will be realized in 2020; 3) BTC will replace Ethereum and become locked in DeFi 4) Rollups and non-custodial exchanges will increase the current share of decentralized exchanges by ten times; 5) The mortgage ratio will remain above 100%.

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96) ConsenSys Annual Report 2019

Time: December 17, 2019 Author: Consensys Category: People Narrative Reason: Consensys this year about development

Summary: 2019 has witnessed the integration of independent Ethereum stack components and higher composability. OpenLaw integrates MakerDAO's DAI stablecoin to solve real-world transactions, Alethio and TruSet have teamed up to provide API users with reliable and accurate business-related data, and the record-breaking DeFi project builds their protocol on Ethereum. 2019 is a year of continued Ethereum support as ConsenSys Grants injected $ 420,000 into 4 plans to build an Ethereum solution. Gitcoin has released Gitcoin Quests, which provides an interesting way to introduce Web2 developers to Web3. This year, a number of companies have found use cases suitable for blockchain technology; the luxury industry is turning to blockchain to meet customers' growing demand for sustainability. In May, LVMH partnered with ConsenSys to develop a platform for authenticating luxury goods. ING executed the first commodity trade transaction on komgo. The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) uses uPort to issue digital certificates to businesses and executives. 2019 is a year of enterprise exploration, improved composability, and open source.

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97) The Road to Web3

Time: December 20, 2019 Author: Yaniv Tal Category: Project Guide Reason: ConsenSys of 2019 Highlights

Summary: Web3 has come under fire from sceptics who believe that decentralized applications (dApps) will never become compelling enough to be widely adopted. Is the only value of cryptocurrencies the resistance of censorship? Might it not be possible to build mainstream dApps? The Graph believes that Web3 will become the next large platform, and millions of dApps will enter the market and replace the Web 2.0 monopoly. Not only that, we also hope to see the first batch of dApps to achieve product market adaptation in the coming 2020.

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98) 2020 Tokendaily Forecast

Time: December 20, 2019 Author: Soona Amhaz Category: Investment Philosophy Reason: invited a lot of great coffee industry with forecast

Introduction: The 2020 forecast of the Tokendaily version, the highlight is that it has invited a lot of industry big coffee, so there are more, I only extract two predictions from Tokendaily: 1) Imran Khan: After halving, most institutions are already A small number of positions have been allocated to the currency and we will see the positions of these institutions double. Facebook's Libra will receive limited approval from U.S. regulators, but will not affect the entire crypto market in the short term. Gaming will be one of the successful use cases and will result in a smart contract platform that will compete with Ethereum in terms of usage. 2) Mohamed Fouda: The third halving dynamic will be significantly different from the previous two halvings. The Lightning Network will continue to grow and we will see many user experience improvements. Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0 will go live in the first quarter, but phase 1 will not be completed in 2020. Many nascent public chains may struggle in 2020.

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99) dApps 2019 Annual Report

Time: December 22, 2019 Author: Category: Application block chain Reason: dApps annual development summary

Summary: In the third quarter, more than $ 525 million passed through DeFi, and DEFI dapps contributed 58% of the Ethereum dapps. This year, more games are being developed around some of the industry's best-known IPs, such as F1 Delta. The racing game held its first NFT "1-1-1-1" auction in May and was sold for 419.5 ETH (worth about $ 100,000), Dapper Labs 'NBA Top Shot, and CryptoSpaceCommanders' Star Trek , Anim Range Brands is restarting the blockchain. Therefore, we will look forward to seeing more enthusiasts joining blockchain games from watching live games or slam dunks. Gaming dapps still have the highest adoption of consumer blockchain solutions, with 685 games listed on (as of 12/19). Cosmochain is a dapp based on Klaytn that connects customers and companies through a beautiful ecosystem of mutual benefit. On November 27, Comochain had 175,198 users a day, which made it the most daily user ever.

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100) Ethereum 2.0 Information Collection

Date: December 2019 Author: hackmd Category: Currency Guide Reason: Square information about Ethernet 2.0, where all the Qi

Summary: This is a comprehensive summary of Ethereum 2.0 information. For those who want to learn more about Ethereum 2.0, here is what I consider to be a high-quality source of information. It is very difficult to summarize and extract. Anyway, there is everything you want to know about ETH2.0.

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