Opinion: Lightning Network will focus on privacy in 2020, show more use cases and participation incentives

According to Bitcoin Magazine, in November, Hungarian researchers published a critical research report on Lightning Network. The survey results estimated that data from transaction costs indicated that Lightning Network infrastructure was "economically unreasonable." On December 27, Bitcoin Magazine wrote that although most of the people interviewed disagreed with the conclusions of the paper, their concerns did reveal the main priorities of Lightning Network in 2019 and 2020. Blockstream researcher Christian Decker said, "We agree with the authors that privacy may be a major topic of Lightning Network in 2020." Bitrefill CCO John Carvalho also doesn't think there is a problem with Lightning Network's low transaction fees and expects a significant increase in the coming year. improve. "In the final analysis, the nature of the network is P2P and voluntary, which means that arguments against its rationality must refute the reality of the network's continued existence, growth, and use by today's businesses. In my opinion, we just touch the surface Lightning Network will show more use cases and participation incentives in 2020. In addition, he pointed out that Lightning Network has never promised to address offline privacy issues, which is more a side effect of the privacy culture of engineers and users. And, in the context of on-chain data, "the ability to observe some capital flows on the Lightning Network does not mean that you have useful external stains that you can apply to it."