Media: Europol officials say Monero cannot be tracked or analyzed at this time

In recent months, privacy coins have been heavily scrutinized. Europol is closely monitoring these developments, although Monero cannot be tracked or analyzed at this time. Government officials don't like bitcoin, but they see privacy coins as a greater threat, especially those that place anonymity first. They often receive a lot of negative attention. Europol said Monero remains the department's biggest "problem". A special survey showed that tracking Monero could be very difficult. More specifically, the culprit was the combination of the anonymous networks Tor and Monero. Although Tor does not hide traces of cryptocurrency transactions, Monero is private and anonymous by default. Europol investigators were unable to track the funds and could not reveal Tor's hidden IP address. Even a blockchain analytics company cannot weaken Monero's local anonymous solution. Although these companies can track Bitcoin and Ethereum, things are different when it comes to true privacy coins. Once money is transferred to Monero-no matter how this happens, criminal investigations will be in trouble.