National Information Center Downs: Blockchain realizes the transition from "information Internet" to "Internet of Value" through a new trust mechanism

According to the People's Daily Wireless New Media News, on the afternoon of December 27, the Blockchain Technology "Pick Up Talk" hosted by the People's Daily Digital Communication was held in the People's Daily News New Media Building. Tang Sisi, deputy director of the Strategic Planning Division of the Ministry of Information and Industrial Development of the State Information Center, said that the blockchain has changed the connection method through a new trust mechanism, brought about changes in production relations, and provided a good opportunity for different participants and industries. Trust data interaction provides effective technical means to realize the transformation from "information internet" to "value internet". She introduced that the development of the blockchain service network is a national blockchain service infrastructure platform that spans public networks, regions, and institutions. It has features such as security, controllability and supervision, complete independent innovation, openness, tolerance, and sustainability. Significantly reducing the cost of blockchain development, deployment, operation and maintenance, interworking and supervision will promote the rapid development of blockchain technology.