Talk about the meaning of "decentralized" applications

In the past few days, the biggest turmoil in the blockchain world is that Youtube has "accidentally deleted" videos about digital currencies.

The reason is that YouTube deleted a large number of videos related to digital currencies from December 24th to 25th. Although YouTube has resumed these videos afterwards, and publicly stated that the incident was a mistake and not intentional. But the impact of this incident has caused huge waves among YouTube users, many users can not help but set their sights on decentralized applications.

Such an example is, as we Chinese say, "shop bullying." As a platform becomes larger, after the monopoly position in the market is formed, the constraints bound to it will become smaller and smaller, and the attitude towards users will become more and more unscrupulous. As long as it is a platform operated by a centralized organization, such an event cannot be eliminated. This is not the first and never the last .

When YouTube deleted a lot of videos, another thing caused a shock in the circle, which was that Google removed the Ethereum wallet application MetaMask from its own app store. In this regard, the reason given by Google is that MetaMask may involve malicious digital currency mining.

In fact, everyone in the circle knows that MetaMask is just a browser wallet application. It is fundamentally different from some malicious mining implant plug-ins circulating on the market. It does not mine at all and only has a transfer function.

MetaMask is a very popular Ethereum wallet plugin in the circle. It has been around for several years. Prior to this incident, it had been in the Google store without any problems. After all these years, why was Suddenly Suspended by Google? The reason for this is very subtle.

Since MetaMask is just a widely used plugin in the blockchain circle, its delisting has not attracted widespread attention like YouTube, but it is also worth our reflection.

Since the birth of Bitcoin, all digital currencies and blockchain applications have been talking about decentralization. But for many years, this concept may be the deepest for users and investors. There is no unregulated investment and trading.

In addition to this, "decentralization" may be more of a slogan. In actual life, everyone does not have a particularly strong feeling, and it is not clear what effect decentralization has on our lives.

This time, YouTube and Google ’s actions have allowed more ordinary users to see the arrogance and treacherousness of the big platform, and they will try their best to find a platform that can freely publish content and share views. This is exactly the value and significance of blockchain technology. Through these events, the public will gradually realize the value of blockchain technology and begin to pay attention to various applications based on blockchain technology .

The development of things is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change, and people's concepts change even more so. We always say that blockchain technology has a small number of applications. It seems that there is only speculation in the currency. Of course, there is blockchain technology itself. Limitations cause its performance to be not as high as the performance of today's centralized systems. On the other hand, people are more reluctant to try various applications and platforms in this new field.

In fact, blockchain-based decentralized content sharing platforms, decentralized storage platforms, and decentralized social platforms are all growing and flourishing. The current user groups of these applications are very small, and are only limited to the fans in the circle, and they have not attracted much attention to users outside the circle .

These events will be catalysts, gradually pushing users in traditional centralized systems to the application of blockchain-based technology. Such events will surely increase in the future, and with the development of events, once the volume changes, At the critical point, qualitative changes will occur, and the application and implementation of blockchain technology will explode .

In my opinion, the significance of these two events is far more important than how much Bitcoin or Ethereum has risen today, because such events are events that can profoundly change the views and behaviors of users, and the entry of off-site users is the block The long-term fundamental benefit of blockchain and digital currency investment .

Seeing these things happen, as digital currency investors, we should have firm confidence and full expectations in the future of this industry and digital currency.