China Business Daily: Connected online product navigation tool diverts multiple virtual currency platforms and deploys mines in China

According to the China Business News, recently, Internet Online responded to the "interview" that the company and its subsidiaries have never conducted token financing activities. According to the official website of Internet Online, Internet Online is a company focusing on cloud computing and blockchain technology applications. Its business is mainly divided into two aspects: the blockchain data center industry and the mobile marketing ecology. share". During the investigation, the reporter also found that the online product navigation tool guides multiple virtual currency platforms and distributes mines in China to promote how to earn bitcoin. Regarding the composition of the main business, the diversion mode, and the main business scope of the blockchain, the reporter sent an interview letter to Internet Online. As of press time, no reply has been received, but after the interview question was sent, the virtual currency platform drainage channel disappeared on the official website. . It is reported that Internet Online Information is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEEQ (835727.OC).