Shan Zhiguang, National Information Center: Blockchain technology can be used to build a trusted system supported by information symmetry

According to China News Network, at the 2019 China Smart City Development Symposium held in Beijing on December 28, Shan Zhiguang, director of the Information and Industrial Development Department of the National Information Center, said that blockchain is a super ledger and it is incomplete The value of tampering is mainly a new trust mechanism. Untrustworthiness on the Internet, untrustworthy data, untrustworthy identity, and untrustworthy transactions have become bottlenecks for the entire future network to realize great value. Blockchain technology can be used to build a trusted system that supports information symmetry and supports industrial, corporate, government, smart city, and digital economy applications. According to Shan Zhiguang, the blockchain has gone through three stages, from the initial application scenario represented by bitcoin to programmable finance of 2.0 to the full penetration of 3.0 for the entire smart city and digital economy. Many IT companies around the world have extended to many aspects of smart cities and can use blockchain technology to play its role.