Xiao Lei: Almost all private companies that can catch the wave of emerging technologies such as blockchain

On December 28, Xiao Lei, a senior financial analyst, posted in his public account that the risks of the Chinese economy are still too weak for the private economy. He stated that, overall, China's problem is still a question of how to position and develop a market economy. In the past few decades, if there is no infrastructure construction of state-owned enterprises, there will be no low-cost population movement, logistics system and electricity, but without private enterprises, there will be no national employment wave, manufacturing, high-tech, etc. Comprehensive development. And those who seize the new generation of manufacturing, such as Huawei, DJI, Xiaomi, etc., are also private enterprises. Those who seize the Internet wave are almost all private enterprises. Even recently, about life technology, genes, artificial intelligence, etc. , Blockchain, etc., most of them are private enterprises.