Shenzhen Information Services Blockchain Association Huang Tianwei: Blockchain technology penetrates the real economy is the top priority

On the 27th, the "Pick Up Talks" on blockchain technology sponsored by People's Daily Digital Communication was held in Beijing. Huang Tianwei, executive vice chairman of Shenzhen Information Services Blockchain Association, analyzed the development of the blockchain industry. He believes that the supervision policy will continue to be strengthened, with strict adherence to the direction and unchanged red line. In terms of industry, blockchain applications are interconnected, and the alliance chain will be the mainstream direction of enterprise-level blockchain applications. In terms of applications, the financial industry has the most applications, and the penetration of blockchain technology into the real economy is the top priority. Although there are many landing applications, the era of large-scale applications has not yet come. In terms of talents, there are fewer blockchain talents. Talent training and formulating talent standards are the next important development points.