Why is it important to mine a Filecoin header?

Filecoin officially announced that the mainnet will be online from March 23 to April 24, 2020. On the one hand, various miner service companies are fighting against the clock to optimize technology, and on the other hand, they are promoting the absorption of funds and deploying their own systems intensively.

It's easy to understand how to optimize your technology against time, because everyone wants to be a starter on the mainnet and build their reputation in the industry. But why are you all spending money and stepping up the deployment of your own system? Because everyone is trying to find a way to dig a valuable head mine in this field.

What is a "head mine"? This is a popular saying, referring to the beginning of a period of Filecoin mainnet launch, especially in the first half of the year, trying to mine as many coins as possible.

Anyone who is optimistic about the Filecoin project generally believes that once the project is launched online, due to the collateral demand, the initial participation in the private placement of coins need to be gradually released after six months, and optimistic expectations of the price of the currency will lead to the first half of the main online line or even one year, There are not many coins in circulation on the market. Everyone will try to hold coins and tokens. This will cause the price of Filecoin to remain strong during the first period of time.

In layman's terms, the price of coins dug up in the early stage is relatively high, so it is the most cost-effective to sell the coins dug out at this time.

The stronger the currency price will inevitably lead to fiercer competition, not only will existing competitors increase investment and layout, but also huge commercial benefits will prompt the influx of off-market capital, prompting new mining service providers to rush into this field. , Increasing competition in this industry.

In fact, there is still a considerable amount of off-site funds in the state of waiting to see changes. Although they have expectations for the project, they have not entered the game for the sake of risk.

If Filecoin goes online and the situation is good, the first rush into this field will be these desperate off-site funds. Not only that, new mines and new competitors will continue to flow in.

However, the layout of mining equipment and systems is by no means an overnight effort. It involves the purchase of equipment, the installation and commissioning of the system, and the selection of high-performance computer rooms. So even if the funds are in place, it will not be possible without a cycle from the time of capital investment to the official operation of the mine deployment.

According to the current operating data of various mining service providers, it takes at least two to three months to complete a mine layout. Therefore, if the main network is only started to deploy the mine, it will take two to three months to formally and stably put it into operation. Opportunities were wasted for two to three months.

So if you are optimistic about Filecoin, it is very important to dig into the head mine.

This history has been staged once in Bitcoin.

Now that Bitcoin has been mined 18 million pieces, the remaining 3 million pieces will be mined in 100 years, and it will also face competition from many mining machine companies and mines. The 18 million pieces that have been dug up took only 10 years, and the early miners could dig them with ordinary computers. The early miners undoubtedly enjoyed the amazing head mine bonus.

Filecoin mining may also repeat the history of Bitcoin mining, so the competition for head mining is so intense.

In this case, early investors who participated in Filecoin mining hope that the mining service providers they invest in will be able to mine as many coins as possible. The mining service providers should try to mine as many coins as possible on the one hand, have strong technical strength, on the other hand, they must have a mine of sufficient scale, and deploy as many equipment and systems as possible.

Therefore, mining service providers are also doing their utmost to attract investment and hope to lay out as soon as possible and dig into as many mines as possible.