China Securities Journal: Yang Yongxing said Xu Mingxing did not accept the relevant lawsuit letter

Regarding the dispute over digital currency accounts between Yang Yongxing and OKEx Exchange, Yang Yongxing said that he has sued OK for the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court and Hangzhou Internet Court. On October 22, the Hangzhou Internet Court opened the case. The reporter learned that the latest development is that Yang Yongxing said that Xu Mingxing did not accept the relevant indictment letter. According to relevant laws and regulations, the defendant must wait for a certain period of time before the defendant is officially accepted. In early December, Yang Yongxing chose to go to Beijing's relevant financial supervision department to report a complaint, and there will be feedback within a certain period in accordance with the prescribed procedures. He is still waiting for the result. At the end of December, the reporter got a response when contacting OK related brand personnel, saying that there is no latest development. At the same time, the reporter also contacted Yang Yongxing again, and his latest reply said: "The lawsuit is in progress. A report has been made and is in progress."