ETC Labs founder: PoW cryptocurrency will be considered a commodity, PoS may lead to holding more than 50% of supply

ETC Labs founder James Wo has previously stated that ETC has generally not considered PoS. In a recent interview with AMBCrypto, he elaborated that these innovations are indeed very important because they change the way cryptocurrencies are issued. Wo emphasized why ETC chose to stick with PoW: First, PoW cryptocurrencies will be considered a commodity. In addition, Wo proposed that PoW is a completely decentralized blockchain, but through the mechanism of PoS, people can hold more than 50% of the supply, which further makes the blockchain more centralized. He added that as PoW is more decentralized, it can bring benefits such as security. Wo said that some people in the community revealed that they want to build applications on the PoW version of the blockchain, so to solve this problem, ETC will continue to adhere to PoW. There is better scalability for PoS, which means that scalability is important, but not the ultimate requirement, and not all use cases require scalability.