Report: Fintech “disruptors” come in many sizes and forms, including cryptocurrency providers

Citigroup recently released its 2020 Outlook report, stating that the financial services industry, like many other industries, is facing shocks from technological upgrades. With the development of digital technology, millennials are becoming more open to non-traditional banking services. In addition, government and regulatory support for financial innovation has increased. With the popularity of smart phone Internet services, users who have never had traditional bank accounts have directly entered the digital banking era. Although the World Bank estimates that 1.7 billion adults in the world still do not have access to financial services, this number is rapidly declining with the development of fintech technology. Citi describes fintech as a "disruptor". The "disruptor" of the fintech industry has multiple sizes and forms, including online payment platforms, digital lenders, microfinance institutions in developing countries, mobile stock trading applications, Regulatory and compliance software manufacturers and cryptocurrency providers. Although many traditional financial services groups provide a wide range of products and services, many fintech disruptors focus on only one market segment, such as a specific area of ​​corporate lending.