Coinbase CEO expresses concern over App Store move to crack down on DApp use

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently expressed concerns about Apple's move in response to a Reddit post. "It's a shame to see this. Apple seems to be removing DApps from the App Store. If Apple customers want to use DApps, we may need to somehow let Apple know this requirement. This is one of the financial innovation Important area, many developers and early adopters of this technology have bundled millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies in these financial applications, and if the app store policy continues, they will no longer be able to use these encryptions on Apple mobile devices Currency. "It is reported that neither Coinbase nor Apple issued a formal statement regarding the recent policy implementation.
According to a previous report by the Planet Daily, Coinbase Wallet, Coinbase's mobile cryptocurrency wallet, may remove the DApp browser feature soon. According to Coinbase, it is removing DApp browser features to "compliance with App Store policies." Users can still use the WalletLink feature to access DApps via Coinbase Wallet on their desktop devices. Last week, DApp browser service company MetaMask announced that Google has suspended its Android client and rejected MetaMask's appeal.