Prosperous Dynasty platform flickers elderly people to vote for virtual coins: 30 players earn 24 million

According to the Beijing News, a reporter's investigation found that a project called "The Prosperous Age" was specifically targeted at the elderly, and its internal materials even explicitly stated that "the promotion target is the elderly who do not play games, and the model highlights the MLM attribute." These "entry" investors tend to be dominated by the elderly, and they don't even explain what the blockchain is, and they take out their pockets after the lesson. According to the "lecturers", if the development is down to 30 players, users can get 24 million yuan at one time. Anti-MLM analyst Yi Tie said that this is a typical model of virtual currency plus MLM coins. In the name of blockchain, virtual currency fraud is applied. In fact, it is fake virtual currency and fake ICO. The essence is still pyramid scheme fraud.