China Insurance Network: Digital currency opens a new global financial track

China Insurance Network today published "Digital currency opens a new global financial circuit." The article states that the current era is a digital era. Digital sovereignty will constitute a part of the comprehensive national strength of all countries. Digital sovereignty will be as important as financial sovereignty. Financial competition between countries is gradually entering the field of digital finance. Digital currencies may be The key to this new competition. Whoever masters the global digital currency can largely have the influence of the global payment and currency system. The digital currency designed by the People's Bank of China is not only at the forefront of speed, but also the most open in technical applications. The imagination space for use scenarios is very large (both online and offline, even without the need for the Internet). Overtaking in curves in digital currency competition. Looking to the future, digital currency and blockchain are likely to become the supporting technology of the new generation of financial infrastructure, which will not only change the way of clearing and settlement among individuals, enterprises, and countries, and the mechanism of sovereign currency issuance, and will profoundly affect the global financial landscape.