Report: More than 33,000 blockchain companies registered in the national industrial and commercial sector

Recently, the "China Blockchain Enterprise Development Research Report and 2019 China Blockchain Technology Innovation Enterprise Directory" was released in Qingdao. According to the report, as of December 2019, China has a total of more than 33,000 registered blockchain enterprises in industry and commerce, of which it is engaged in providing services such as the underlying technology platform services, application products, and industrial technology solution services of the blockchain industry. There are a total of 1006 blockchain companies. According to the CCID Blockchain Research Institute, among the many blockchain companies in China, startups account for 57%, related Internet companies account for 23%, financial institutions account for 12%, and traditional listed companies account for 8%. The scale of blockchain enterprise assets is generally small. The number of companies with a registered capital of less than 9.99 million yuan accounts for half of the total. The number of employees with dozens of employees accounts for more than 80% of the total number of enterprises.