Huobi Official: No "Huobi New Year Gift" event, please prevent fraud risks

Huobi official said recently that many community users have been asked whether to hold a "Huobi New Year Gift" New Year Red Envelope Rain event, saying that "Huobi Global Station will hold a Thanksgiving feedback event on December 29, HT will receive it randomly Send to valid users, the lowest 0.1HT, the highest 188HT ". Also attached is an activity link (the link is a phishing URL). In this regard, the official Huobi official solemnly declares: Huobi officially does not hold a "Huobi New Year Gift" activity, this link is forged by criminals. Users are advised to pay attention to the screening, do not easily click on unknown links, and beware of loss of assets. Huobi reserves the right to investigate the legal responsibility of those responsible for fraudulent acts such as providing illicit links for fraud.