Grin developers update Litecoin MimbleWimble development progress in December

GRIN developer David Burkett, funded by the Litecoin Foundation, has posted an update on the development of Litecoin MimbleWimble in December. It said that after months of planning, the development of the MimbleWimble extension block has officially started. In addition, this month's work is focused on reorganizing the core logic that will be shared between Grin ++ and LTC, which involves all logging, serialization, encryption, error handling, and common data structures. In addition, the priorities for January next year are: 1. Determine the build method; 2. Define all LTC models, including determining the exact fields and serialization formats of the headers kernels (including signatures); 3. Move the database implementation to libmw-core, Complete cleanup and match new standards, and add complete tests. In addition, a faster synchronization mechanism will be developed for Grin next month, and LTC will directly benefit from it.