Shanxi holds blockchain technology and industry innovation and development forum

On December 28, the "Shanxi Provincial Blockchain Technology and Industrial Innovation and Development Forum" hosted by the Shanxi Research Institute of China's Engineering Technology Development Strategy was held in Taiyuan. From the perspective of industry-university-research exhibition, the forum aims to deeply discuss major issues such as the integration of blockchain technology into our province's traditional industries, the empowerment of local industry upgrades, and the acceleration of the construction of industrial blockchain ecology. During the forum, academicians and experts made reports on "Blockchain and Industrial Internet", "Blockchain Application and Industrial Status and Development Trend", etc. Participants said that they have benefited a lot. In the future, they will closely integrate the actual situation in Shanxi Province, and focus on strengthening basic research, promoting collaborative research, participating in standard research, constructing an industrial ecology, and strengthening personnel training. Innovative development.