The report shows that emerging technologies such as blockchain provide new methods and models for copyright protection in the network environment.

According to the Economic Daily News, on April 26, the 2019 China Network Copyright Protection and Development Conference was held in Beijing. Wang Zhiqin, vice president of China Information and Communication Research Institute, released the "2018 China Online Copyright Protection Annual Report" at the meeting. The report pointed out that Internet companies improve the internal copyright management system, conduct self-inspection and rectification of infringing pirated content and infringement and piracy accounts, and use new technologies such as blockchain to protect copyright. The report believes that China's online copyright protection in 2018 mainly has the following characteristics: China's 5G development enters the fast lane, the new technology and content industry are deeply integrated, and the application of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain is the copyright protection under the network environment. New methods and new models are available.