Jilin Changbai Police killed "Starcoin Global" virtual currency scam gang and arrested 24 people

According to the Legal System Network report, on December 27, the Public Security Bureau of Changbai County, Jilin Province organized an 80-person task force to fight for 180 consecutive hours, successfully defeated a virtual currency fraud gang, and arrested 24 suspects. The Public Security Bureau received a report saying that some netizens were deceived in participating in the investment of the "Starcoin Global" APP website. After careful investigation and judgment, the criminal gang member was located in Hangzhou. By adding WeChat friends, they induced netizens to buy virtual currency for online transactions and attract netizens Recharge bets on its platform, after the large amount of bets reach the expected target, the background "deletion, blackening", and then the netizens and players' funds for their own. The case is still pending.