Han Chuanfeng of Tongji University: Blockchain industry development should avoid "holding high and playing high"

Han Chuanfeng, a professor at the School of Economics and Management at Tongji University and director of the think tank for sustainable development and new urbanization, said in the Jiefang Daily that "blockchain industry development should be avoided. The article said that in the face of challenges, the construction of a blockchain ecosystem should start from the following aspects: First, we must take advantage of the system, do a good job of top-level design, and promote the innovation and development of the blockchain at a higher level and on a larger scale. Second, we must highlight the concepts of consultation, consensus, co-construction, co-governance, and sharing, give play to the synergistic effects of multiple subjects, and set a benchmark for blockchain ecology. It is necessary to abandon the traditional “top-down” and “high-profile” industrial development methods, proceed from specific application scenarios, respect the objective laws of industrial development, enhance government-enterprise interaction, and give full play to the bottom-up driving force of the market. Third, based on user needs, build an innovation chain and enlarge the value chain around the industrial chain. Fourth, we must consolidate the "Trinity" guarantee system, and deepen the integration of production, education, and finance.