Jiefang Daily: Blockchain and Food Safety Retrospective

On December 31, Jiefang Daily reported that more and more food related parties began to pay attention to the benefits of combining traceability with blockchain. This is because the characteristics of blockchain technology can be said to be traceable to food safety. Innate fit. On the one hand, the blockchain, with its unique decentralized storage model, allows the establishment of the traceability system to get rid of its dependence on a certain enterprise or individual. On the other hand, the information sharing on the blockchain can allow data to be queried, transferred, verified and analyzed between different companies and departments in real time, which can effectively solve the problems of multi-party participation, information fragmentation and inefficient repeated review. Encryption technology also guarantees the security of platform access. This significantly improves traceability and reduces traceability costs. Relevant industry professionals suggest that in the future, relevant departments should play a more active and important role in promoting the data chain of food companies, and formulate rules to encourage the application or take mandatory chain measures to enable blockchain technology in the food safety traceability industry. Developed in a more ideal state.