The Sixth Plenary Session of the 13th Session of Chengdu: Accelerating the Development of Blockchain and Other Industries Encouraging Innovation of Financial Product Service Models Based on Blockchain and Other Technologies

Recently, the Sixth Plenary Session of the 13th Session of the Chengdu Municipal Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Municipal Party Committee were held. The conference studied the deployment of modern urban governance and economic work in 2020. Among them, it was mentioned in accelerating the construction of the "AI + 5G + 8K" industrial ecosystem, accelerating the development of blockchain, hydrogen energy, nuclear energy equipment and other industries to build new strategic competitive advantages in Chengdu. In addition, the conference mentioned that Chengdu must strengthen the digital economy to enable financial development, vigorously encourage the innovation of financial product service models based on blockchain and other technologies, promote the construction of blockchain intellectual property pledge financing service platforms, and actively explore digital financial applications such as digital currencies. . We must deepen financial supply-side structural reforms, promote the expansion and strengthening of local financial institutions, accelerate the application of new financial institutions such as consumer finance companies, and strive to settle in functional financial headquarters and back-office service centers such as settlement, custody, and payment to strengthen Financial global resource aggregation and optimization allocation capabilities.