Bloomberg: If the regulator finds any evidence against Tether, the USDT may soon lose value.

According to Bloomberg News, informed sources said that the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) issued a subpoena to Bitfinex and Tether as early as the end of 2017. Bitfinex and Tether said in January 2018: "We often receive legal proceedings from law enforcement agencies and regulators for investigations." "Our policy is not to comment on any such requests. The US Department of Justice investigation is investigating new How Tether came about and why they entered the market primarily through Bitfinex. In New York, the State Attorney General asked the company behind USDT to keep all the documents related to the latest investigation. Bloomberg believes that if the authorities find evidence of any misconduct at Tether , or if traders lose confidence in the company's ability to convert 1 Tether to $1, USDT may soon lose value. Jehan Chu, managing partner of blockchain investment and consulting firm Kenetic Capital, said: "Only when Tether can completely To address the public's criticism of its lack of transparency, Tether's stability advantage can continue. ”