Poetry and the distance are there. The first problem facing the blockchain industry is where does the bread come from?

Author: Mutual chain pulse Yuan Shang

2019 is coming to an end. When the blockchain company counts the one-year harvest, it is somewhat cool. If it were not for the "1024 Conference", China's blockchain would probably enter the "bottom period" like overseas.

Before that, the Chinese blockchain industry was driving bad coins out of bad money. On the one hand, the technology companies that truly do blockchain can't get money or get orders. Except for a few "believers" who are still investing, most companies are already shrinking; the pulse of the interchain has been calculated from 2014 to 2016. Of the 12 early-stage blockchain companies established, 6 issued "coins" between 2017 and 2019, and another founder issued coins himself. From the side, these companies are unable to survive.

On the other hand, fraudulent projects that use the blockchain are tied to the exchanges for marketing, manipulation of currency prices, and harvest of leeks.

After the "1024 Conference", the obstacles to the development of the blockchain have been eliminated. With "Poetry and Distance", many blockchain technology companies have begun to receive a large number of orders. Illegal activities that use fake blockchains are also being cracked down.

It seems that the development of blockchain will be smooth. However, after examining more than a dozen blockchain companies, Interchain Pulse found that only two or three companies dared to pat their breasts and said that they would be profitable next year. Most companies don't know exactly where the "bread" is.

The platform is outsourced

Most of the projects that are engaged in blockchain, whether it is public or alliance, have ideal platforms-I hope that a set of blockchain systems made by myself can become the infrastructure used by the world, the country, the city and the industry. Applications on this platform use the resources of this platform and pay for them. This is actually a down-to-earth business model: "This road is my drive, leaving money to buy."

However, in the course of the game, the blockchain technology provider gradually lost its right to speak. Enterprises or institutions using the chain would prefer that the platform be built by themselves, the latter having more resources to support the application of the blockchain. The unique resources left by the commercial and social competition. In comparison, the basic blockchain development does not seem to be so scarce. Moreover, Party A's decision-making layer cannot identify what kind of blockchain is good. As a result, blockchain technology companies have gradually become blockchain "outsourcing" companies.

Becoming "outsourced" means that blockchain companies cannot achieve the exponential growth brought about by networkization. They can only follow one by one and rely on "labor" to achieve linear growth.

According to the "2019 China Blockchain Industry Talent Supply and Demand Research Report" jointly issued by Interchain Pulse and Hunting, the average annual salary of blockchain engineers is 384,000 yuan, which is much higher than the 198,000 yuan of the Internet. Blockchain development companies have to bear higher labor costs than the Internet.

To make matters worse, software outsourcing companies develop software for companies, and companies can immediately make money through software.

A blockchain leader of a large Chinese technology company analyzed the pulse of Interchain: "Blockchain is not a technology that can directly increase productivity, but a technology that reduces the cost of trust by gradually changing the production synergy relationship." This company is responsible for In the process of cooperation with enterprises, even the rich central enterprises, the other party is not willing to pay for the blockchain. "The reason is very simple. If it is a technological transformation technology, after using it, how much efficiency will be immediately improved and how much money will be made clear, but when using the blockchain, when can it reduce costs and how much? It is unknown. The person in charge stated.

After the "1024 Conference", perhaps for the sake of "the correct route", the government and enterprises' demand for blockchain development has increased greatly, and some companies feel that they have hope for profit.

However, Interchain Pulse asked more than a dozen blockchain development companies for profit issues, and believed that there would be only three companies that could make a net profit next year: Yunxiang Blockchain, Shuqin Technology, and Zhongxiang Bit. These companies are among the first to enter the blockchain, with more than 100 customers.

The number of Qin Technology said: "In the process of technology empowerment, the cost savings for the business and improved efficiency can generate sustained cooperative income."

More companies complain that it is very difficult to obtain technical service fees. "We all talked about good customers, and the plans were all written. They were cut off by their peers, and our plan was used." The CEO of a blockchain company told Interchain Pulse.

For long-term development, some powerful Internet companies often obtain projects regardless of cost. In particular, some well-known government projects often get free support from these big factories. Big factories earn brand value through PR.

Ecology is real bread

Speaking of the government, many blockchain development companies place 2020 profits on government projects. Haichuang Chain hopes that "the more open the government scene, the better next year is expected."

The relevant person in charge of Conflux also said that the current government will be a very important paying customer, depending on whether the government ’s budget investment in this direction will increase further. If so, the direction of the alliance chain will soon have a positive direction. Cash flow.

Some companies are exploring the possibility of non-outsourcing revenue. Huang Butian of the cloud-like blockchain introduced the pulse of the inter-chain, and the operating transaction costs on some project chains will be divided, accounting for a small proportion, but it began to exist.

Zhongxiangbit also introduced the ongoing model: companies provide customers with blockchain technology, build product platforms, and jointly operate the product platform with customers, based on the amount of data on the platform and the amount of business flow, based on a certain proportion Business is divided.

Guangzhishu Technology also looks forward to this model: "The project with a relatively mature international business model is Komgo. In the early stage, corporate members jointly funded the construction of the platform, and in the later stage, the joint operation was shared."

This model is a bit more pragmatic than the platform model, in exchange for technology's operating income. However, this model can currently be implemented on blockchain businesses with relatively large capital flows, such as in the financial sector. But in the fields of certificate deposit and traceability, there is no payer.

The most anticipated future profit for enterprises is the formation of the blockchain ecosystem.

Defang Zhichain said that blockchain technology is best suited for multi-party participation and should focus on the construction of the ecosystem. Since the establishment and improvement of the ecological circle does not happen overnight, it must take a long time to consciously cultivate, so it is not realistic to realize profitability in the early stage. According to the German Fangzhichain, referring to the development process of the Internet industry, when most individuals, enterprises, and governments are connected to the blockchain network as nodes, a credible and traceable value transfer is completed on the blockchain, and this value transfer becomes economic and financial When the indispensable element of life is, the blockchain industry has a place and serves as the underlying infrastructure to support the development and application of various services on the chain, bringing continuous positive cash flow.

Haichuang Chain also said that when companies started to do the ecological chain, the cash flow was positive.

In the view of Zhongxiangbit, this ecosystem is not limited to individuals, companies, and governments. Zhongxiang Bit believes that system integrators are an important part of the ecology: "When system integrators start doing blockchain business and integrate the blockchain into the completion system, it is the blockchain that is truly universally recognized by various industries and When applied, the blockchain industry will generate continuous positive cash flow. In addition, Zhongxiangbit believes that single technology is difficult to support, and blockchain is integrated with artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other technologies to jointly serve industrial business Scenario, profitability can come faster.

Light Tree Technology believes that it will be possible for the blockchain to become profitable on a large scale after three years.