Zhao Dong, founder of DGroup: I believe Tether is currently a full reserve fund.

On the afternoon of April 26, DGroup founder Zhao Dong said in the WeChat circle of friends, "The personal opinion and speculation have not been confirmed with the official: 1 Bitfinex has not lost money, some funds have been frozen, so some funds are definitely not available. It is known that it is difficult to withdraw within a certain period of time. 2 I guess Bitfinex has not misappropriated Tether's reserve funds, otherwise Bitfinex will not restrict user withdrawals. Tether does not restrict user withdrawals. 3 I believe Tether is currently Full reserves. As for the evidence, I can't provide it. This is the official evidence to make everyone convinced. The above is still personal opinion and speculation, not necessarily correct. In specific circumstances, I will communicate with Bitfinex today to confirm. In addition, New York side When the USDT circulation just hit a new high, no one felt embarrassed?"