After listening to this New Year's Eve speech, I was in tears: this is the 'good voice' entering 2020

On December 27, the world's first blockchain year-end speech "Ling Listening 2020" was held in Hangzhou. In a 3-hour uninterrupted immersive speech, Tang Xialing, vice president / editor of Babbitt, and the founder of Lingting Blockchain, focused on “the sense of certainty—finding the fulcrum in chaos” with 100 pages of PPT, summarizing 2019, and looking forward In 2020, look at the trends from the cycle, look forward to the future with a positive mindset in chaos.

In addition, Meng Yan, deputy dean of the Digital Asset Research Institute and founder of the Token Thinking Lab, Tao Rongqi, founder of X-Order, and partner of NGC Ventures, Lu Yifan, general manager of Ping An Finance's blockchain business, three distinguished guests Share them on the stage and share the blockchain world in their eyes.

This New Year's Eve speech received a total of 1,000 applications from 59 different cities around the world, of which executives accounted for about 62%, and more than 60% of the guests came from 43 different physical industries outside the circle. After screening, 378 guests attended. In the only official live broadcast cooperation platform, iQiyi, the New Year's Eve speech ranked sixth in the popularity ranking among live broadcasters on the day.

The guest industry is the most cross-border, with the most geographical coverage, and the elites of practitioners are the most concentrated. This New Year's Eve speech caused a lot of sensation both in the blockchain circle and outside the circle.

After the event, attendees commented and expressed their feelings about this New Year's Eve speech: moved + shocked! We take a few of them and share them with you.

"The former investigative reporter Tang Xialing's γ201, Meng Yan's detailed analysis of digital assets, Tao Rongqi's path design of blockchain de-realization: Web + stable currency + smart contract … This is the 'good voice' that will enter 2020. I listen It is the eager and firm footsteps of young people. "

——Zhang Feng, Secretary General of Zhejiang Digital Economics Association

"This New Year's Eve deserves everyone's careful taste. The future is determined by you and me. Less hypocritical speculation, pyramid schemes, more hard work, more work, the blockchain will not suddenly mature in 2020, but X-Order is involved as a think tank supporter, and we are able to grow with the industry, experience hardships, experience ups and downs, and be lucky. "

While everyone was presenting the award, Babbitt's Xia Ling prepared the party with great care. The 100-page PPT describes the industry. I am not confident that it can be so solid and rich, and Babbitt has done it. I believe Babbitt can go further. I believe that China's blockchain industry will be better in the next ten years. In the end, the tears of the beautiful woman (Tang Xialing), in fact, Wang Lei also cried, and was deeply touched. "

-Tao Rongqi, founder of X-Order and partner of NGC Ventures

"Thanks to Babbitt Xia Ling and Wang Lei for inviting Ling to listen to the New Year's Eve speech. Self-Summary: Too greedy and want to stuff too much content, but many points have not been explained. The first half of the theory is too verbose and the second There is no time to talk about the case, and it ’s a tiger. If you are familiar with the theory, you may still hear some flavors. In addition, under strong light (light), the brain circuit is still a bit strange, and there are a lot of misunderstandings, which is a lesson. Summary: The event was great, both Xia Ling and TONY (Tao Rongqi) had good typhoons and worth learning. "

——Meng Yan, Deputy Dean of Digital Asset Research Institute and Founder of Token Thinking Lab

"Although I watched Lingling (Iqiyi Live) across the screen, your courage and Babbitt's beliefs were transmitted to this end of the screen. I am not a blockchain practitioner, but I have reported on the blockchain. Extreme curiosity and expectations. I also hope that blockchain technology can be applied to our animation industry.

——Mystery Culture Yang Xi

"There is depth, breadth, temperature and attitude."

—— Fan Ruibin, Head of Blockchain of Weizhong Bank

"After listening to this New Year's speech, I have learned a lot. I am more confident about the future development of the blockchain. The blockchain will indeed change the entire financial system and have a profound impact on the development of the industry. Chinese leaders have used the blockchain Raised to a strategic level, although it is not yet open, the overall trend is right. There are no successful companies, only companies of the times. As you said, bring curiosity and courage to a small probability of success! "

——A guest attending the meeting

"I remember 100 years ago, in 1919, Mr. Lu Xun once said: 'May the Chinese youth get rid of air-conditioning and just go up. They can do things, they can make sounds. There is a heat, a light.' I I think this is the original intention of our New Year's Eve speech-Yi Ling listens to 2020 and pays tribute to all those who are glowing in the industry. "

——Beibit CEO Wang Lei

"Babbling Ling last night listened to the Blockchain New Year's speech, condensing the ups and downs of the block chain trend in 2019 into a three-hour essence. It is not easy to understand all, but as long as you can catch the points you are interested in, go to Really trying to understand and apply blockchain technology, just like Babbitt Wang Lei's dedication, "There is a light and a heat" is enough. "

——Chen Hui, head of the PPK community

"The pace of compliance will become more and more firm, the bad voices will become weaker, and the positive force will become stronger."

——Chairman of Babbitt

"Congratulations to Xia Ling and Babbitt for" Ling Listening 2020 ". She shared with several guests to help build a thoughtful feast. I am honored to be an expert observer of Ling Listen for years, and the computing think tank can practice with these industries. The authors jointly build an industrial ecology. Watching Xia Ling for more than two months of hard preparations, she had a phone call with the rigid and soft Hunan girl late at night to get hot on the mobile phone, and almost sleepless to catch the early plane. Fortunately you did such a great job ! "

——Yan Li, Founder of Computing Power Think Tank

"Forever young, tears forever."

——Puhua Capital Jiang Chun

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