There are pictures and the truth! Events of China's public chain Yuanjie DNA2019

The global blockchain industry has experienced a new round of rapid development in 2019. This year, China promoted blockchain as a national strategy, and China's public chain also entered the world stage. Metaverse DNA is a parallel, anchored DNA token fast chain developed on the Chinese public chain ETP security foundation chain. As the leader of China's public chain, in 2019, Yuanjie DNA shines in the spotlight of the world.

Recalling the thrilling events in the blockchain industry in 2019, there has always been an excellent Chinese public chain such as Yuanjie DNA to participate in driving and leading the industry's progress. This special topic will summarize the wonderful moments of 2019 Metaverse DNA at each time node.

2019.5.28 Metaverse DNA debuts at Hong Kong Smart Summit

On May 28, 2019, Yuanjie DNA debuted at the Hong Kong Wise Summit. The founder of Yuanjie, the early summer tiger, grandly released the blockchain BAT-Yuanjie DNA double-chain system at the summit. The characteristics of the dual-chain system are: the absolute fairness and decentralization of the public chain, and the perfect combination of the universality and speed brought by the alliance chain, which effectively solves the difficulty of coordination between ease of use and security in blockchain applications. problem.

At the press conference, a number of investment institutions such as Defengjie Longmai Fund, BitReserve Foundation, and Ant Alliance International Capital signed a contract with Yuanjie DNA on the spot.


2019.7.26 Yuanjie DNA invited to attend Cointime Vietnam Summit

The "Cointime Summit 2019 · Vietnam Station" hosted by Golden Finance and COINTIME was grandly held at the Equatorial Hotel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam from July 25th to 26th, 2019. Metaverse double-stranded DNA was invited and appeared as a high-quality project representative at the conference. This summit is the first meeting of the Golden Finance & cointime summit series. The meeting will gather major exchanges in Southeast Asia and invite global head institutions, project parties and well-known KOLs to focus on current hot topics and talk about blockchain.


2019.8.13-14 Early summer tiger attends "Future Conference" in Toronto, Canada

On August 13-14, 2019, the Canadian Futurist Conference was held in Toronto. Ethereum founder V God, Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio, cryptographer, well-known opinion leader Brock Pierce, Yuan The founder and CEO of the industry, Chu Xiahu, and hundreds of other industry heavyweight guests attended the conference and delivered wonderful speeches.

At the conference, Chu Xiahu delivered a speech on the theme of “The Metaverse Double Chain System and DNA Token”, and proposed to solve the biggest problem of the blockchain public chain: balancing the scalability, security and decentralized dual chain solution. The scheme introduced the principle of the Yuanjie double-chain network architecture and the DNA token incentive model, and pointed out that the Yuanjie double-chain system will be launched on the testnet in December this year.


2019.8.24 Huang Lianjin was hired as "Blockchain Mentor" of Xiamen University Information Institute-Blockchain Research Center

On August 24, 2019, Huang Lianjin, an expert member of the Blockchain Branch of the Chinese Institute of Electronics and co-founder of Yuanjie DNA, was invited to attend the "China Blockchain Technology Application Forum & Xiamen University Information College-District" hosted by the Information College of Xiamen University "Blockchain Research Center Unveiling Ceremony" event, and as a guest at the "Blockchain Industry Second Growth Curve" round table forum.

At the unveiling ceremony of the Blockchain Research Center of the School of Information, Xiamen University, Huang Lianjin, the co-founder of Yuanjie DNA, was hired as a "blockchain mentor".


2019.8.30 Metaverse DNA title 2019 MiiXCon Global Blockchain Application Eco Developer Summit

On August 30, 2019, the "2019 MiiXCon Global Blockchain Application Ecological Developers Summit-Development Power · Creation Trend", titled by Metaverse DNA, was grandly held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Shanghai Nanxiang. At the conference, Chen Hao, the co-founder of Yuanjie DNA, delivered a keynote speech on "The Opportunities and Challenges of Yuanjie DNA Technology Innovation."

He introduced that the Yuanjie double-stranded DNA is a technical solution proposed by the Yuanjie development team based on the "blockchain impossible triangle". It is a technical exploration and attempt to solve the scalability and interoperability of the blockchain. Facing new opportunities and challenges, Chen Hao pointed out that Yuanjie will not be afraid of challenges and will promote the development of China's public chain as its goal and mission.


2019.9.10 Yuanjie DNA officially launches R Network (RightBTC.Pro)

Yuanjie DNA officially launched the R Network (RightBTC) at 14:00 on September 10th, and opened currency trading. The open trading pairs were: DNA / USDT, DNA / ETH, and DNA / USDT was listed on September 18th at 12:00 BTC trading pair.


2019.9.17 Metaverse DNA North America conference held in Toronto

On September 17, 2019, the North American Double-Stranded DNA North America conference hosted by Metaverse Double-Stranded DNA and co-organized by the Canadian Chain Times Blockchain Club and Association was held in Toronto. A large number of North American Chinese blockchain technology elites and investors participated. The founder of Yuanjie Double-stranded DNA, Chu Xiahu, first introduced the landmark technology of DNA blockchain. The double-stranded DNA of the Metaverse held a grand press conference in Toronto, Canada. Phoenix World TV, Yahoo Finance, and many other mainstream media in the world made in-depth reports, and it was also known as "the latest development milestone of blockchain technology." On the day of the event, the unveiling ceremony of Yuanjie DNA, ETP, and RightBTC exchanges was listed in the Chain Times Club.


2019.9.21-22 Metaverse DNA makes a stunning appearance at the Global Summit of Macao

On September 21, 2019, the 6th Wisdom Technology Finance Conference was grandly held in Macao. Yuanjie DNA made a strong appearance as the general title merchant of the conference, and conducted the first live airdrop of Yuanjie DNA for the guests present. Chu Xiahu, CEO of Metaverse and founder of Metaverse Foundation, gave a keynote speech "Metaverse DNA Double Chain System-Promoting New Frontiers of Digital Finance". The live speech was hot and was interrupted several times by the audience's applause. He said: The birth of Metaverse DNA double strand was to solve the problem of slow Bitcoin speed.

At the Big Coffee Dialogue Forum on "The Road to Success of Distributed Fintech", former White House innovation consultant You Fulin, member of the American ACM Practitioner Board, co-founder of Yuanjie DNA, and expert committee member of the China Electronics Society Blockchain Branch Huang Lianjin, Praxls Digital CEO Alex Lightman and Velas CEO Alexander Alexandrov both praised the scalability and security of Metaverse DNA at the roundtable, believing that Metaverse DNA's efforts in digital identity and data privacy will be distributed New vitality of the traditional financial industry.


2019.10.5 Metaverse DNA Names Japan Unblock Tokyo 2019 Conference

On October 5, 2019, the Unblock Tokyo 2019 conference hosted by the general title of Metaverse DNA, BINARYSTAR and Asian Blockchain Review Asia Blockchain Review was held in Tokyo. This conference invited industry leaders and project parties from the global blockchain and financial industries to participate in the exchange of Asian current affairs and the future of the blockchain industry with local blockchain industry institutions in Japan. Yuan Hao CTO Chen Hao also delivered a keynote speech on "Digital Identity and Decentralized Transaction" at the meeting, clarifying the application and development of Yuan Hao DNA's digital identity. Chen Hao's in-depth explanations of DNA double-chain technology, digital identity, and decentralized exchanges won the unanimous appreciation of the participants. The Yuanjie project also received warm applause and attention in the exchange with the local blockchain industry institutions .


2019.10.10 Yuanjie DNA grandly unveiled at the 2019 CHAINSIGHTS Global Summit

On October 10th, 2019, the chain got the 2019 CHAINSIGHTS Global Encryption and Fintech Summit again. The conference was officially held at the Marquis Hotel in New York. The founder of Metaverse DNA and the founder of Metaverse Foundation were the first co-founders of Metaverse DNA. Ren Lianjin, an expert member of the China Electronics Society Blockchain Branch, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech.


Early summer tiger delivered the keynote "Closer to the New Reality: Metaverse Dualchain" at this conference. Huang Lianjin, co-founder of Yuanjie DNA, delivered a keynote speech of "Our Data and Our Identity" at the conference. After the Wisdom Summit · Macau station, the U-Mega Yuanjie team went to the United States with the Yuanjie DNA project, got out of style, and even entered the hearts of global crypto lovers. Yuanjie DNA, which stands at the center of the global stage, is full of spirits and adds a different glory to the global blockchain industry.

2019.10.13 The first stop of Yuanjie DNA Global Tour (China) Zhengzhou

On October 13, 2019, the Yuanjie DNA Global Tour Zhengzhou, with the theme of "Fighting the Central Plains, where is the public chain project road", stood in honor at the Earl Hotel, Yonghe, Zhengzhou, Henan. Huang Lianjin, co-founder of Yuanjie, Alex Lightman, chief strategy officer of Yuanjie Global, and William of RightBTC business, had a wonderful sharing and lively interaction with the audience.

The activities of the Yuanjie DNA Global Line series are aimed at exploring hot topics such as the latest development technology of the blockchain represented by Yuanjie DNA, and looking forward to the prospect of the Yuanjie DNA market with members of the community to achieve a win-win situation for global nodes.


2019.10.14 The second stop of Yuanjie DNA Global Tour (China) Shijiazhuang

On October 14, 2019, the second event of the Metaverse DNA Global Tour in China with the theme of “Ascending the distance and understanding the blockchain world from the perspective of Metaverse DNA” was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. Yuanjie DNA co-founder Huang Lianjin, Yuanjie DNA Global Chief Strategy Officer, former White House consultant Alex Lightman, and RightBTC business leader William had wonderful sharing and lively interaction with 300+ community members on site.


2019.10.16 The third stop of Yuanjie DNA Global Tour (China) Hefei

On October 16, 2019, the Yuanjie DNA Global Tour with the theme of "Back to the Yuan Dynasty", the Great Thousand Years' "World"-How Yuanjie DNA Reconstructed the Blockchain, Hefei Station, China, on October 16 in Hefei Yuanyi Hilton Hotel was held. Meta Light DNA Global Strategy Officer and former White House consultant Alex Lightman delivered a keynote speech and shared with the audience why he joined the Meta Realm DNA team.


2019.10.22 Co-founder of Yuanjie DNA Huang Lianjin attends 2019 Blockchain Technology Innovation and Development Summit

On October 22, 2019, the "2019 Blockchain Technology Innovation and Development Summit" held under the guidance of the School of Finance of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics was grandly held. Huang Lianjin, co-founder of Yuanjie DNA, attended and delivered a speech. Huang Lianjin said that the current technical issues that need to be solved in new blockchain application scenarios mainly include performance (TPS), security, trusted data sources, and digital identity on the chain. He believes that blockchain is not a panacea. Metaverse DNA double-strand solution is the best example of technology fusion, effectively solving the above four problems, and realizing new breakthroughs in blockchain application scenarios.

twenty two

2019.10.25 Huang Lianjin, co-founder of Yuanjie DNA was invited to attend the IEEEISIE International Conference

On October 25, 2019, the IEEEISIE International Conference "Fourth Industrial Revolution: Future Life and Business" themed industry forum was held at Zhejiang University. Huang Lianjin, co-founder of Yuanjie DNA, was invited to attend a roundtable discussion on "The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain on the Fourth Industrial Revolution".


2019.10.29-11.9 Metaverse DNA attends 2019 Hamburg Intercontinental Dialogue Conference

On October 29-30, 2019, Yuan Xia, the founder of Metaverse DNA, a lifetime member of the Bitcoin Foundation, and an angel investor, Chu Xiahu, attended the 2019 Hamburg Intercontinental Dialogue Conference hosted by the China Currency Group and Aurora's top crypto journey in Europe. Guests at the dialogue include former Thai central bank governor, Georgian prime minister, IMF vice president IMF Zhang Tao, Facebook CEO and other politicians at home and abroad, economists, entrepreneurs and experts in the blockchain field. To discuss issues.


Yuan Xiahu, the founder of Metaverse DNA, also announced a major announcement, a new product based on Metaverse DNA's digital identity technology, Bitident. Bidden uses a secure login channel to easily protect the digital identities of all users, and immediately runs a risk alert system. This product is undoubtedly the most significant "blockchain + digital identity" product in 2019. Early Summer Tiger also demonstrated the simple and fast operation process of Biden on the spot. Subsequently, Yuanjie DNA continued to travel through Berlin, Switzerland, and Malta, and mainstream media such as Mars Finance also tracked the event.

2019.11.4 Huang Lianjin, the co-founder of Yuanjie DNA, was invited to attend the OKEx Global University Tour Meetup at the University of Southern California

On November 4, 2019, the "OKEx Global University Tour" organized by OKEx came to the University of Southern California, a well-known university in the United States. This event invited Huang Lianjin, co-founder of Metaverse DNA, to attend and give a speech. Huang Lianjin shared the development history of Yuanjie DNA using cutting-edge technologies such as digital identity to help the blockchain achieve greater commercial value. He warmly invited teachers and students from local universities and colleges in the United States to participate in the Chinese public chain project Yuanjie DNA and create a blockchain legend that belongs to China.


2019.11.8-10 Metaverse DNA attends Toronto Hackathon

On November 8-10, Metaverse DNA attended the ETHWaterloo hackathon in Toronto, Canada, and discussed with industry leaders from around the world how to significantly improve the performance of the blockchain, and launched Metaverse DNA and Ethereum ERC1973. First cooperation.


2019.11.17 Metaverse DNA sponsors well-known racer Richard Verschoor to win first place in F3

On November 17, 2019, the well-known racer Richad Verschoor, sponsored exclusively by the top domestic public chain Yuanjie DNA, topped the 66th Macau Grand Prix F3. On that day, his F3 car and helmet were printed with the Metaverse DNA logo, and eventually surpassed Estonian star Juri Vips to win the championship. Verschoor said after the game that the support of the Yuan Dynasty DNA community supporters at the scene filled him with strength and finally won the game. He thanked Yuan Yuan DNA for giving him the ultimate speed and championship character.


2019.11.24 The fourth stop of Yuanjie DNA Global Tour (China) Xiamen

The Metaverse DNA Global Tour · Xiamen Station, China, with the theme of "Mastering the Core Technology and Opening the Minnan Blockchain Wealth Code", was held at the Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Xiamen Yuzhou on the afternoon of November 24th. Early Summer Tiger, founder of Yuanjie DNA, co-founder Huang Lianjin, and 200+ community members of Geek Capital, one of Yuanjie's global cooperative communities. Early Summer Tiger said: Metaverse DNA has now collected the world's top programmer talents, including the technical geeks of BitShares and the Ethereum team, have participated in the development of Metaverse DNA Decentralized Exchange, and it is expected that DNA Decentralization will be next year. The exchange will go online.


2019.12.3 The fifth stop of Yuanjie DNA Global Tour (China) Longyan

The Yuanjie DNA Global Tour · China Longyan Station with the theme of "Independent Innovation, How to Change the Domestic Public Chain to Overtaking" was held at the Baixiang Jinghua Hotel in the afternoon of December 3rd. Early Summer Tiger, founder of Yuanjie DNA, co-founder Huang Lianjin, and 200+ community members of Sunshine Capital, one of Yuanjie's global cooperative communities.


2019.12.8 Yuanjie DNA won the 2019 Blockchain Technology Breakthrough Award

At the 2019 CHANSIGHTS China Summit held in Beijing on December 8, 2019, Yuanjie DNA and Cosmos, Thunder Chain and other well-known public chain projects jointly won the "Blockchain Technology Breakthrough Award of the Year". This summit invited world-class leaders from more than 50 countries and regions to explore the development and challenges of blockchain technology in the new structure. With its unique double-chain underlying infrastructure, Yuanjie DNA has won high recognition in the industry and has become a well-known Chinese public chain star in 2019.

twenty one

2019.12.14 Metaverse DNA officially launched 23 global super node elections

Since the launch of the double-stranded DNA in the Yuan Dynasty, the DNA Foundation has always adhered to the principle of autonomously governing the structure of the chain by the community, giving the public chain governance rights to outstanding community members, and establishing and improving the public chain ecology of DNA together.

To this end, the DNA Foundation officially launched the Super Node Incentive Program at 10:00 am Beijing time on December 14, 2019.

twenty two

This supernode campaign is global in nature, and will select 23 individuals or institutions as DNA supernodes to directly participate in the core construction of the public chain ecology, providing higher rewards for outstanding communities, developers, and enterprises to realize value faster. Platform! In the future, Metaverse DNA will be created by 23 outstanding blockchain teams around the world to create a super-consensus community ecology and share the revenue of Metaverse DNA nodes.

2019.12.19 Huang Lianjin, co-founder of Yuanjie DNA, was invited to attend the 16th China International Finance Forum

On December 19, 2019, the 16th China International Finance Forum invited Huang Lianjin, the co-founder of Yuanjie DNA, to attend. Huang Lianjin shared the development history of Yuanjie DNA's use of cutting-edge technologies such as digital identity to help the blockchain achieve greater commercial value at the special conference on "Blockchain and New Technology Application of Financial Security". At present, the technical strength of Yuanjie DNA has reached the world's leading level, which can effectively maintain financial security.

twenty three

2019.12.21 Yuanjie DNA attended the FinBlock 2019 Blockchain Fintech Summit and was named the "Moonworld DNA Night" Dinner

The "BinBlock 2019 Blockchain Fintech Summit" hosted by Blockchain and NABA was held in Xiamen on December 21. The conference brought together funds, project parties, mining pools, quantification agencies, public chains, wallets, etc. in the blockchain industry to discuss the development direction and trend of blockchain finance under the new policy.

Huang Lian, co-founder of Yuanjie DNA Co., Ltd., gave a speech and gave a special interview on the theme of the next-generation financial infrastructure based on blockchain. He believes that the current financial industry has problems such as information asymmetry, high transaction costs, and difficult fraud supervision. The five major blockchain technology directions of blockchain finance such as digital identity (DID), security, performance, trusted data, and cross-chain can effectively solve the above pain points.

twenty four

2019.12.27 Golden Finance's "Creating with the Times" Awards Ceremony, Yuanjie DNA won the "2019 Most Technological Innovation Public Chain Award"

On December 27, 2019, Golden Finance's "Creating with the Times" awards ceremony opened in Beijing, and Yuanjie DNA won the "2019 Most Technological Innovation Public Chain Award". Golden Finance said that the Yuanjie DNA double-strand system will become the leader of China's new generation of public chains in 2019. The underlying business application platform built on the five pillars of Yuanjie DNA's technology (digital identity, security, high performance, trusted data, and cross-chain technology) is expected to become the best model for the integration of traditional industries and blockchain technology.


to sum up

For Metaverse DNA, 2019 is a year full of joy and harvest. This year's non-stop global evangelism has led more and more industry enthusiasts to pay attention to Metaverse DNA; this year's diligent technology research and development has led more and more industry leaders to recognize Metaverse DNA.

At the same time, the DNA of Yuanjie has never forgotten its original intention and kept its mission in mind. On the basis of actively taking root in China, we will continue to deepen cooperation with governments and enterprises at all levels, and carry forward the spirit of the Chinese public chain to be brave. Yuanjie DNA has gone through the major tests in 2019, and with the support of members of the community and ecological partners, has finally come out of the independent innovation road of China's public chain.

Since its launch in September 2019, the Yuanjie DNA team has been advancing with "high standards and strict requirements", and DNA will create surprising results almost every day. The Metaverse DNA team has conquered the world with the fruits of 2019. We have every reason to believe that 2020, which belongs to Metaverse DNA, will be even more exciting.