Hefei University of Technology President: Using Blockchain Technology to Promote the Scientification of School Governance

On the afternoon of December 27, Hefei University of Technology held a meeting of the Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group (expanded) to study and study blockchain technology on a special topic. Principal Liang Liang said that blockchain technology is the forefront of global Internet technology development. As a developing country in the critical period of transformation and development, it is necessary to keep up with the forefront of the world's scientific and technological development, and bring into play the role of blockchain technology in national governance systems and governance capabilities The active role of modernization, industrial upgrading, and financial services has achieved high-quality economic and social development. It is necessary to actively promote the interdisciplinary research and development model of blockchain technology, and strive to overcome a number of key core technologies of the blockchain. Relevant colleges and departments should take the initiative to think and actively plan to establish new majors, set up student innovation communities, launch targeted training courses related to new-generation information technology such as blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and big data, and incubate related innovation projects. Cultivate comprehensive talents with emerging Internet thinking. Make full use of emerging technology forces, including blockchain technology, to effectively promote the scientific, efficient and intelligent school governance capabilities and management mechanisms.