IRIS Foundation implements token destruction plan for the third time and announces the continuation of the token destruction plan in 2020

On December 31, 2019, the IRIS Foundation executed the third destruction on time in accordance with the one-year token destruction plan, which destroyed a total of 15,029,472 IRIS tokens through two transactions. The current total is 2 billion IRIS tokens. certificate. The destruction involved two addresses: the main address of the Ecological Development Fund reserved by the foundation destroyed 6,438,260 IRIS tokens, and the entrusted income extraction address destroyed 8,591,212 IRIS tokens. The transaction hash involved in this destruction: AE218BF5B01E68688B88418F4CEAE2BC1611F9376A63FF177CECF25D63CF168C; CE4295A58FA380E3E10E71E81ED2EBE27681203609F5B2046A20451DA2104ECF.

At the same time, the IRIS Foundation announced that the token destruction plan will be continued in 2020, and the actual inflation of IRIS will be kept at 0 to continue to support the healthy development of the IRISnet ecosystem.